April 2012 – Meeting Minutes


Stanley Town Office

Wednesday, April 18, 2012, 7:30 pm.



            Mayor Purdham called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm with the following Council Members present: Mike Knight, Bruce Stoneberger, Richard Dorraugh, Martha Graves and Leon Rickard. Also in attendance at the meeting were as follows: Joni McCoy, Bill Shuler and Jon Phillips all EDA Members, Martha Shickle with the Northern Shenandoah Valley Planning District, Town Manager Terry Pettit, Police Chief Tim Foster, Wastewater Plant Operator Forest Atwood, Public Works’ Foreman Ronnie McCoy, Town Accountant Leon Stout, 2 PCHS Students and Clerk Norma Cubbage.     


            Mayor Purdham gave the Invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Vice – Mayor Leon Rickard.


            Motion was made by Mike Knight, seconded by Richard Dorraugh that the Agenda be accepted as presented. Passed Unanimously.


            Mayor Purdham turned the meeting over to Town Manager Terry Pettit in order to proceed with the presentations for tonight’s meeting.


            Mr. Pettit noted we have members from the EDA Committee here to speak to the body.


            Mr. Jon Phillips addressed the body noting the EDA Committee has reorganized and have hired the Northern Shenandoah Valley Planning District to help them in their efforts. Mr. Phillips noted the EDA is working to open a Farmers Market and have formed a meet and greet committee and would like to have a representative from the town to attend. Mr. Phillips noted they are excited about the changes and the new addition of Joni McCoy, the Town of Stanley’s EDA Representative. Mr. Phillips also noted they would like the town to compile a list of any sites with utilities available for any new businesses that may be interested in locating in Stanley.


            Mr. Phillips noted he would be glad to answer any questions the body may have. Mayor Purdham inquired if they have anyone interested in the site on Goodrich Road where Premier was to have located.  Mr. Phillips noted they do have someone interested but he was unable to say anything more.


            Bill Shuler then spoke to the Council noting Martha Shickle from the Northern Shenandoah Valley Planning District will be their contact person but feel free to contact any EDA member at anytime for any reason. Mr. Shuler noted they knew there had been a lack of communication between the EDA and the towns and they were going to fix that situation. Mr. Shuler noted the towns will be receiving quarterly reports from the EDA and visits at Council meetings to keep the lines of communications open. Mr. Shuler noted Luray was noted as being in the Hub Zone but the truth is all of the towns in the area are. Mr. Shuler noted they are looking to promote the county for being an excellent place to start a business. Mr. Shuler noted all the


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towns are encouraged to give them the information in order to put their profiles on the EDA’s webpage.


            Mr. Shuler noted their pleasure in having Martha Shickle from the NSVP to assist the EDA. Ms. Shickle noted she had helped the town with several other projects and will be glad to support the town again in any future effort. Mr. Shuler thanked the body at 7:50 pm. noting they will return with quarterly reports and just to visit from time to time.


            Town Manager Terry Pettit noted his next presentation is to allow this body to congratulate Forest Atwood, the town’s wastewater treatment plant operator on being Operator of the Year. Mr. Pettit noted he had submitted Forest’s name for all the hard work he has put in fixing the plant after being under a consent order when Forest came to work for the Town of Stanley. Mr. Pettit noted what a great asset Mr. Atwood has been and continues to be to the plant and the town. Mr. Pettit noted he was recognized about two weeks prior to the meeting at the Virginia Rural Water Association Conference. Mayor Purdham and Council thanked Forest for a great job and his tireless effort at the wastewater plant.


            Councilman Knight inquired why our water did not have to be chlorinated. Mr. Pettit noted our water is tested and has less impurities than required by law so therefore we do not have to chlorinate. Mr. Pettit noted the Town of Stanley was honored again this year of having the Best Tasting Water in Virginia. Mr. Pettit noted we have received this award, 1st place, three out of the twelve years.


            Mayor Purdham noted it was time for Old Business.


            Town Manager Terry Pettit noted he included reports in their packets from Anderson Associates on the Water Tank Project, the Chapel Village Subdivision Sewer Project and the East Main Street Project. Mr. Pettit noted we are having trouble getting the cost down on the Chapel Village project to where the homeowners that need to hook-up to sewer can afford it. Mr. Pettit noted we have found one and possibly two other contractors to review the bid to see if they can lower the cost.


            Mr. Pettit also noted we received three entries for the Design the Sign Contest which he displayed for the body.  After some discussion it was decided to have the art teacher at PCHS and Eddie Showalter to review the entries and help a committee to decide if one of the entries will work.


            Mayor Purdham inquired if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes from the previous month’s meeting as presented in writing. There being none, Motion was made by Leon Rickard, seconded by Bruce Stoneberger to approve the minutes as presented. Passed Unanimously.



Continued Minutes 04/18/12



The Financial Statement and accompanying note were approved as presented.


            The Monthly Paywarrant was presented. Councilman Rickard inquired what Bill # 16 (Patton, Harris & Rust) was for. Mr. Pettit noted it was work at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Councilman Stoneberger inquired what about Bill #19 (Reed’s Tire Center) what was done to the dump truck and was it the one we just bought. Public Works’ Foreman Ronnie McCoy noted it was inspection and a muffler. Councilman Stoneberger also inquired about the tool box purchased on Prepaid Bill #10 (Visa). Mr. McCoy noted it was for the public works’ building.

Councilwoman Graves inquired if the amount of Prepaid Bill #2 (Mayor and Council Pay) should be $625.00 instead of $815.00. Councilwoman Graves further noted this would make the paywarrant $190.00 less. After brief discussion Town Accountant Leon Stout noted she was right and he would make this correction. Motion was made by Martha Graves, seconded by Richard Dorraugh to accept and pay the paywarrant as corrected in the amount of $118,291.27.


            Town Manager Pettit presented the Administrative Report noting he has completed the paperwork from VDOT on the Safe Route to School Project and we should hear something back in 30 to 60 days.


            Mr. Pettit noted we are in the process if having the CCR Reports prepared as required by Virginia Department of Health and they will be mailed to all water customers.


             Mr. Pettit noted he has completed the paperwork on a Wellhead Protection Grant in the amount of $19,500.00. Mr. Pettit further noted it is a 100% grant which will be no cost to the town.


            Mr. Pettit noted Lyttle Utilities will be here next week to begin to do so I & I work and should finish-up in about 2 weeks. Mr. Pettit noted we are required by DEQ to do this work.

Mr. Pettit noted the Finance Committee may want to meet to discuss how we are going to pay Lyttle Utilities. The body suggested it be discussed at the next budget workshop.


            Mr. Pettit noted two proposals from Earl Sutherland of Patton, Harris & Rust on the design work on the new sewage station at the Page County Technical Center and a new sludge holding tank at the wastewater plant were included in their packets. Mr. Pettit inquired if Council wished to proceed with these proposals. After some discussion Council decided to table these proposals to allow Mr. Pettit to get a 2nd bid on these projects.


            Mr. Pettit noted he has received a request from a citizen who would like to have a birthday party at the Ed Good Park and would like to rent the entire playground for only the  ones attending the event. After a brief discussion the body noted they were not in favor of allowing anyone to rent the entire playground. Mr. Pettit noted it will also ask the Pioneer Bank of their feeling about this issue.



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            Mr. Pettit also inquired if the same policy holds for town employees renting the Ed Good Park Shelter as it does at the shelters at Hawksbill Park being ½ price. The body noted this policy would include the Ed Good Shelter but for immediate family only.      


            Mr. Pettit noted the Library Board has requested permission to install new carpet in the main room of the Library. Mr. Pettit noted they have the funds for the project but would also accept any contribution from the Town.  After brief discussion Council gave permission for the Library to install new carpet.


            Mr. Pettit noted a copy of a letter that was sent to Governor McDonnell requesting that Senate Bill 497 be amended. Mr. Pettit also noted a copy of a letter from the Governor to the town explaining the bill was amended. It was noted the bill has not been finalized yet.


            Mr. Pettit noted he had received an e-mail from Mark Belton about the county’s policy regarding bulk and commercial trash disposal at the landfill.


            Public Works’ Foreman Ronnie McCoy addressed the body at 8:37 pm. noting they had gone to New York in search of a dump truck but things did not work out.  Mr. McCoy noted he and Mr. Pettit need to meet with Councilman Knight and Councilman Stoneberger to discuss some other ideas.


            Mr. McCoy noted they have been working on the water line on Judy Lane and have 280 ft. of pipe left to lay. Mr. McCoy noted then they have to tie everything in and get good water samples.


            Chief Tim Foster presented the Police Report noted he has finished the Highway Safety Grant and hopes to receive $8,000.00 – $10,000.00.


            Chief Foster also noted the department impounded a moped and collected $400.00 in impound fees and $150.00 from an impounded car.


            Chief Foster noted he had included copies of letters received from Page County Sheriff John Thomas and Sergeant Jeremy Keyser for their appreciation and commendation for Sergeant Dean’s and Sergeant Brown’s assistance to their Narcotics Unit. Chief Foster also noted Officer Fadeley also was acknowledged for his participation. Chief Foster noted how proud he was of his officers and their hard work.


            Recreation Director Chuck Short presented his Report noting girls’ basketball finished-up on April 3rd.


            Mr. Short noted the cameras have been installed at the Ed Good Park Shelter. Mr. Short



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noted hopefully this will help deter some of the vandalism. Mr. Short also noted he had been

contacted by a group of girl scouts about planting flowers at the Ed Good Park. Mr. Short noted he fixed a place for them at the sign to plant their flowers.


            Mr. Short noted it will soon be time to open the pool and this will be the first year for this new liner and hopefully all goes well. Mr. Short noted he will begin cleaning the pool in the next week or two.


            Mayor Purdham inquired if Mr. Short could have the pool open a little earlier this season on Memorial Day weekend. Mr. Short noted usually Memorial Day weekend does not prove to be profitable but if the body wishes for it to be open he will do his best to have it open.


            Mr. Short noted he will hire three or four lifeguards for this season as he has heard from one lifeguard about returning this year.


            Mr. Short noted the Little League have asked if they can use the hall at Hawksbill to have a kids dance as a fund-raiser at no charge. Mr. Short noted he did not have a problem with them using the hall as long as they control the kids. Mayor Purdham noted it is policy in Shenandoah for a dance that the kids sign in with an adult and cannot leave unless they sign out with the same adult. After some discussion the body advised Mr. Short if the Little League would follow this policy they can use hall at no charge.


            Councilman Knight inquired if it would be possible to get a 10 year lease on the ball-field that the Little League uses. Mr. Knight noted he was advised by a Little League Official with this  lease we would be able to hold a Regional Tournament. Councilman Knight noted this would bring in some revenue for our businesses. Mr. Pettit he would talk to the owner to see if this would be possible.


            Councilman Knight also noted he was a guest at a gathering held at the shelter at the Ed Good Park and was disappointed as there was no toilet paper in the bathrooms and they weren’t very clean. Mr. Pettit noted he opened the bathrooms as he does every week-end but he was  unable to find any toilet paper. Councilman Knight called Mr. Short who was on vacation but came to the shelter and found the toilet paper. Mr. Pettit noted we may need to look into  purchasing a commercial toilet paper holder that would hold multiple rolls and persons could not carry off any rolls of toilet paper. Councilman Knight inquired if we needed to hire someone to clean the shelter along with the bathrooms on the week-ends. Mr. Pettit noted he would see if one of our employees would be interested in doing this.  


            Mr. Pettit noted he has applied for another Walking Trail Grant and should hear something around December.  




Continued Minutes 04/18/12



Motion was made at 9:30 pm. by Leon Rickard, seconded by Richard Dorraugh to adjourn the meeting. Passed Unanimously.   















___________________________                                         ___________________________

Douglas L. Purdham, Mayor                                                 Norma Cubbage, Clerk