Council Meeting Minutes – October 2012

Stanley Town Office
Wednesday, October 10, 2012, 7:30 pm.

Mayor Purdham called the meeting to order with the following Council Members attending: Mike Knight, Bruce Stoneberger, Richard Dorraugh, Leon Rickard and Martha Graves. Also in attendance were the following: Town Manager Terry Pettit, Police Chief Tim Foster, Town Accountant Leon Stout, Pat Cubbage, Hensil & Geraldine Good with the Ed Good Walking Trail Committee, Austin Good, Mike Uram, Steve Thomas, Brian Hines and his father, Bill Shuler with Page County Broadband Authority, Regina Hillard with Luray/Page County Chamber of Commerce, Rebecca Armstrong with Page News and Courier and Clerk Norma Cubbage.

The Invocation was given by Mayor Purdham and Councilman Rickard led the Pledge of

Mayor Purdham inquired if there are any additions or changes to the Agenda as presented. Town Manager Pettit noted Regina from the Chamber needs to be added. Mayor Purdham noted the Representative from the Chamber added as Item #4 on the Agenda. Motion was made by Martha Graves, seconded by Bruce Stoneberger that the Agenda be accepted as amended. Passed Unanimously.

Terry Pettit then introduced Brian Hines and noted he is requesting rezoning for property located at 502 West Main Street in order to relocate the Dollar General Store. Mr. Hines noted he had met with the Planning Commission on Monday requesting rezoning for this property on West Main Street from Medium Density to Highway Commercial. Mr. Hines noted he would be glad to answer any questions that the Body may have. After several questions from council, it was noted Mr. Hines would be able to meet all entrance requirements from VDOT. Mr. Hines also noted he was hoping for a June 2013 beginning date with opening date of September or October 2013. After several more questions Mr. Pettit noted he would like to schedule the Public Hearing for November before the regular meeting. Council advised Mr. Pettit to proceed and the Public Hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, November 14th at 7:00 pm. at the Stanley Volunteer
Fire Department. Mr. Hines thanked the body and left the meeting at 7:55 pm.

Mr. Pettit noted next on the Agenda was Bill Shuler with Page County Broadband Authority. Mr. Shuler noted he was here to answer any questions about Broadband. Mr. Shuler noted this work was possible through a Grant and this covers the installation of the fiber line. Mr. Shuler continued to note this will provide high speed internet more accessibility to customers, and noted this is not for individual hook-ups that will be done by a third party. Mr. Shuler noted he was at the meeting to encourage the body to sign the lease agreement allowing the broadband authority use of the elevated tank, and that they would like to have it signed as soon as possible. Councilwoman Graves inquired why it was asking for a 20-year lease. Mr. Shuler advised that is what the federal government requires. Mr. Shuler advised a completion date of December 2012. Mr. Pettit noted the town attorney has reviewed the agreement with few changes and with Council’s approval the lease can be ready by the end of this week. Mr. Shuler thanked the Council and left the meeting at 8:11 pm.
Continued Minutes 10/10/12

Mr. Pettit advised next to speak was the Ed Good Park Walking Trail Committee.
Mrs. Pat Cubbage then spoke on behalf of Committee noting some of their history. Mrs. Cubbage noted the Committee was originally formed in 2009 with 10 members and their plans were for shrubbery, benches and walking trail. Mrs. Cubbage noted now they are down to only 3 members but have partnered with Pioneer Bank to help with fund raisers. Mrs. Cubbage noted with their help they have raised over $12,000.00 and want to donate $10,000.00 to the walking trail with Hensil Good doing the work. After much discussion on the walking trail Mrs. Cubbage
inquired if the body had any ideas to help them raise money. The Body noted they would let the Committee know if they come up with any ideas. Mrs. Cubbage thanked the body and left the meeting at 8:25 pm.

Mr. Pettit noted next to speak will be Regina Hillard from the Chamber of Commerce. Regina noted she was here to up-date Council on the Chamber Events and the new Visitors Guides are ready. Mrs. Hillard noted the statics for August and September all are still very good. Mrs. Hillard further noted the Chamber hopes to have a new president in place by mid-November and reminded Council of the up-coming annual Banquet. Mrs. Hilliard thanked the body and left the meeting at 8:35 pm.

Mayor Purdham noted it was time for Old Business.

Town Manager Terry Pettit noted the installation of new pumps at the Vo Tech Pump Station is complete and we were able to complete most of the work in one day. Mr. Pettit noted all three contractors worked well together along with our public works crew. Mr. Pettit noted the job even came in below the estimated cost.

Mr. Pettit noted we are still waiting on Racey Engineering to finish the final design specs for the signs so they can be submitted to VDOT.

Mr. Pettit noted he has not been able to write up the RFP for the engineering services for the Safe Route to School Grant but hopes to have it done for review by November’s meeting.

Town Manager Pettit noted the town attorney is reviewing the agreement for the Deerfield Estates Pump Station and as soon as he is finished the town will take ownership.

Mr. Pettit noted the Hawksbill Park VPDES Permit renewal is almost complete.

Mr. Pettit noted he will be meeting with a Norfolk and Southern representative on Friday to discuss developing an emergency response plan. Mr. Pettit noted this plan is necessary in case of a derailment that could have an impact on our water supply and is specified in the Wellhead Protection Grant.


Continued Minutes 10/10/12

Mr. Pettit noted he and Ann had attended the VML Conference in Williamsburg and it was very informative as usual.
Town Manager Pettit also noted since the pump station work is complete we are ready to work on the roof repair at the Public Works Building. Mr. Pettit noted he will be working on the bid package over the next couple of weeks.

Mr. Pettit noted he had met with ISO representatives and provided them with all the information they requested.

Mr. Pettit noted this is all the Old Business he has to discuss.

Mayor Purdham inquired if there were any additions or changes to the minutes from the previous month’s meeting as presented in writing. Motion was made by Leon Rickard, seconded by Martha Graves to approve the minutes as presented. Passed Unanimously.

The Monthly Financial Statement was presented and Councilman Stoneberger noted a mathematical error. The Financial Statement was approved as corrected.

The Monthly Paywarrant was presented with Councilman Rickard inquiring about Bill #21 (Patton, Harris and Rust) what were these charges. Town Accountant Leon Stout noted they were for the wastewater plant & digester. Councilman Stoneberger inquired of Bill #25 (Reed’s Tire Center. Town Accountant Stout noted the police car, the blue Ford truck and the white Chevrolet truck all needed tires. Councilman Knight inquired of Bill #33 (Utility Service Co.). Mr. Stout noted it was the elevated tanks quarterly maintenance fee. Motion was made by Leon Rickard, seconded by Richard Dorraugh that the paywarrant totaling $154,565.41 be paid. Passed Unanimously.

Town Manager Terry Pettit presented the Administrative Report noting a problem with one residence connected to the sewer force main along Goodrich Road. Mr. Pettit noted we currently have six homes connected and only one residence continues to have problems. Mr. Pettit noted the home owner has replaced his pump several times and still continues with problems and is inquiring if it is a town problem. Mr. Pettit noted he has checked everything on the town side and cannot find anything wrong. Mr. Pettit noted to make sure the town has no responsibility he has requested the town engineers look into this problem.

Mr. Pettit noted a copy of the Lease Agreement between Page County Broadband Authority and the Town of Stanley was included in their packets for review. Mr. Pettit noted the need to get this signed and inquired if a vote could be taken tonight on this issue. Councilwoman Graves noted if the wordage is changing from lease to license will a business license have to be

Continued Minutes 10/10/12

obtained through the town. Mr. Pettit noted he would check into this issue. Motion was made by
Martha Graves, seconded by Richard Dorraugh to allow the Mayor to proceed with signing the agreement. Passed Unanimously.

Mr. Pettit noted since we have decided not to fill the foreman position for a few months duties have been reassigned placing Kevin Painter as supervisor. Mr. Pettit continued to note that Kevin will be in charge of work orders and we will use part-time help to fill in when necessary.

Mr. Pettit noted Keith Griffith has been appointed by the Board of Supervisors to another 3 year term to the Water Quality Advisory Committee.

Mr. Pettit noted he has received word that paper copies of the Hawksbill Monthly DMR can no longer be submitted in paper form. Mr. Pettit noted they have to be submitted by internet as we currently send the wastewater plants reports on line they will send me the software to do the pool’s.

Mr. Pettit noted Mike Painter will be holding an auction within the next two weeks and he would like to have him sell the old dump truck chassis. Mr. Pettit further noted we can place a reserve bid and if we do not get what we want we can take it to Alma for scrap metal. Council advised Mr. Pettit to make sure of scrap metal prices before letting it go at auction. Mr. Pettit also noted the ’96 tan Ford truck is in need of repairs, has a lot of mileage and not used much and wanting to know the possibility of taking this to the auction with a reserve. After much discussion, Motion was made by Leon Rickard, seconded by Bruce Stoneberger to take the truck to auction with a reserve. Passed Unanimously.

Town Manager Terry Pettit noted he had also prepared a Public Work’s Report listing items that have been completed. Mr. Pettit also noted the report included a picture of the sign trailer the Public Works employees put together on rainy days and only cost the town $18. Mr. Pettit noted the report also contains a list of items to be completed.

Wastewater Plant Operator Forest Atwood presented a Wastewater Report noting the trolling motor, as suggested by the engineers, only lasted 6 days. Mr. Atwood noted he was trying several things and it seemed to be helping. Mr. Atwood also noted he was reducing phosphorus by adding a chemical slowly. Mr. Atwood noted things overall were going well at the plant and when DEQ did their inspection we had no violations, only 5 suggestions. Mr. Atwood advised he would keep the body updated on the plant. Mr. Atwood thanked the Council and left the meeting at 9:28 pm.

Chief Police Timmy Foster presented his report noting he had applied for a one-time grant for small agency departments with under 10 men. Chief Foster noted his department was


Continued Minutes 10/10/12

lucky enough to be one of six in the state to receive the one-time grant awarding them a police vehicle free. Chief Foster noted the car will be presented to the Town of Stanley at the Capitol in Richmond on October 26th, if anyone is interested in attending. Chief Foster noted he would be glad to answer any questions the body may have.

The Recreation Report was presented in writing.

Mayor Purdham noted it was time for New Business.

Town Manager Terry Pettit noted we have been informed by the County they do not have accident or medical insurance coverage for inmate workers. Mr. Pettit noted we contacted our insurance and we do not have coverage on inmate workers either. Mr. Pettit noted he was advised by the court system that community service workers are covered by a State policy and are sending a copy for our review. Mr. Pettit noted we will not have any inmate workers until we find a solution to this situation.

Mr. Pettit noted the Annual Chamber Banquet is to be held on Thursday, November 1st at the Mimslyn. Mr. Pettit noted to let him know ASAP if you are planning to attend.

Mr. Pettit noted he has asked the Public Works’ Committee to look at the road to the wastewater plant which is in desperate need of repair and make a recommendation at the November meeting.

Mr. Pettit noted he has been asked by the Library if the town would help with the sealing and repairing the parking lot. Mr. Pettit noted they have estimated the cost to be $3500 – $5000. After brief discussion, Councilwoman Graves noted we could use the funds in the Library Checking Account and take the balance from the C.D. when it matures in December. Motion was made by Martha Graves, seconded by Mike Knight to proceed with the funds available now and the balance from the C.D. to help the Library with this project. Passed Unanimously.

Mr. Pettit noted he had included copies in the packets from Waste Management with 3-5 year agreements for review. Mayor Purdham noted that Mr. Pettit and the Public Works’ Committee meet with Waste Management to discuss this issue.

Town Manager Pettit noted curfew needs to be set for Halloween. Motion was made by Leon Rickard, seconded by Richard Dorraugh that Halloween be observed Wednesday, October 31st and curfew is 9:00 pm. Passed Unanimously.

Mayor Purdham noted it was time for Public Comment at 9:30 pm.


Continued Minutes 10/10/12

Austin Good addressed the body inquiring if they knew how much money had been lost
at the Hawksbill Park. Mr. Good inquired if the body had considered selling the park and get rid of something that is costing the town money. Councilman Knight noted the town was not in it to make money but as a service to the citizens. After some further comments Mr. Good thanked Council for their time.

Motion was made by Martha Graves at 10:00 pm, seconded by Richard Dorraugh to adjourn the meeting. Passed Unanimously.











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Douglas L. Purdham, Mayor Norma Cubbage, Clerk



Stanley Town Office
Thursday, October 25, 2012, 3:00 pm.

The meeting came to order with the following persons in attendance: Town Manager Terry Pettit, Councilwoman Martha Graves, Councilman Mike Knight, Assistant Town Manager Elaine Knight, Waste Management Rep. Rob Clendenin and Clerk Norma Cubbage.

Town Manager Pettit noted we are here to discuss trash service rates with Waste Management. Mr. Pettit further noted the town had considered going back to picking up trash in the town instead of contracting it out.

Mr. Pettit inquired how often Waste Management gets a count on the trash cans picked-up for the town. Mr. Clendenin noted it was once a year but if the town wishes it can be changed to how ever they desire. After some discussion it was agreed upon to count cans each quarter. Mr. Clendenin noted they wanted to be fair to the town and really want to continue doing business with the town.

Councilwoman Graves and Councilman Knight had several questions for Mr. Clendenin about the cost per stop, the cost of 2nd can and questions about numbers on quote page. Councilwoman Graves inquired if contract is worked out could be retroactive to July of this year. Mr. Clendenin noted he would have to ask but would try hard to work it out.

Mr. Clendenin further noted they would work with the town in any way possible and they also offer recycling services if the town would be interested. Mr. Clendenin noted he would work on a contract and e-mail it to Terry and hopefully come to a mutual agreement having a deal in place by December 1st, 2012.

Town Manager Pettit thanked Mr. Clendenin and the meeting ended at 4:00 pm.



Norma Cubbage, Clerk