January 2012 – Meeting Minutes



Wednesday, January, 11, 2012-7:30 pm.



            Mayor Purdham called the meeting to order with the following Council Members attending: Mike Knight, Bruce Stoneberger, Richard Dorraugh, Martha Graves and Leon Rickard. Also in attendance at the meeting are as follows: Dick Hostelley speaking on behalf of the Appalachian Trail Resolution, Rebecca Armstrong with Page News and Courier, Town Manager Terry Pettit, Accountant Leon Stout, Public Works’ Foreman Ronnie McCoy, Clerk Norma Cubbage and seven students from PCHS.


            Mayor Purdham gave the Invocation and Councilman Rickard led the Pledge of Allegiance.


            Mayor Purdham inquired if there were any changes or additions to the agenda presented for tonight’s meeting. Motion was made by Martha Graves, seconded by Richard Dorraugh to accept the agenda as presented. Passed Unanimously.


            Mayor Purdham recognized Dick Hostelley and allowed him to speak to the body. Mr. Hostelley noted he was here to speak on behalf of Brianna Campbell about the Appalachian Trail Community Designation. Mr. Hostelley noted that this designation would help to let the many hikers that come to the valley know what a friendly county we are. Mr. Hostelley noted that the Appalachian Trail does come through our county and we are proud to support this effort. Mr. Hostelley noted approximately 5,000 hikers visit our county on a yearly basis and if they stay in the county they spend about $150.00 daily. Motion was made by Mike Knight, seconded by Leon Rickard to adopt the Appalachian Trail Community Designation. Passed Unanimously. Mr. Hostelley thanked the Council and left the meeting at 7:45 pm.


            Mayor Purdham noted it was time for Old Business.


            Town Manager noted engineer work is still being performed on the Chapel Village Sewer Project. Mr. Pettit noted up-dates from Anderson and Anderson on this project and other ongoing things were included in their packets for review.


            Mr. Pettit also noted he was hoping to have cost estimates on repairs or replacement of the windows in the town office. Mr. Pettit noted that Councilman Knight has been under the weather and was not sure if he has been able to get prices. Councilman Knight noted he had a little more to do to give an estimate but hopes to have ready for the February meeting.


            Mr. Pettit noted we have made some small improvements in the office since last month’s meeting and hopes the body has time to look at them.





Continued Minutes 01/11/12



            Mayor Purdham inquired if there were any corrections or additions to the previous months’ meeting as presented in writing. There being none Motion was made by Bruce Stoneberger, seconded by Richard Dorraugh to accept the minutes as presented.  Passed Unanimously.


            The Financial Statement was presented. Town Manager Terry Pettit noted a copy of the annual support agreement between Southern Software and the town which did not have a price increase was also enclosed in the packets for Council to review.


            Mr. Pettit further noted also included in their packets was a copy of a letter he had received from Mike Salvino with reference to the town working with the Library financially on several upgrades needed to the building. Mr. Salvino noted the replacing the front double doors at the Library with a single door and replacing the glass in the rear doors with thermo pane glass along with new weather stripping. Mr. Pettit noted Mr. Salvino stated the town’s share would be around $2,200.00 to complete these projects. Council inquired when they wanted to do this. Mr. Pettit noted they wanted to begin as soon as possible. Mr. Pettit further reminded the body that the town is responsible for the up- keep of the building. Councilwoman Graves noted there was $2,260.00 in the Library Checking Account that we could possibly use. After some discussion Motion was made Mike Knight, seconded by Leon Rickard to use the funds out of the account for this project. Passed Unanimously.


            The Monthly Paywarrant was presented with Councilwoman Graves inquiring how much more pipe would be needed to complete the Judy Lane Project. Public Works’ Foreman Ronnie McCoy stated it would take about 1100 ft. of pipe costing close to $7,700. Councilwoman Graves inquired to the Accountant Leon Stout that this project would end up costing the town from $25,000 – $30,000. Accountant Leon Stout noted she was correct. Councilwoman Graves further noted we probably need to pull some funds from the CIP Project Funds C.D. which matures later this month.  After a brief discussion Motion was made by Councilwoman Graves, seconded by Mike Knight to transfer $10,000 from the C.D. Passed Unanimously. Councilwoman Graves inquired about Bill #10 (Lawrence Equipment) what was done to the backhoe. Public Works’ Foreman Ronnie McCoy noted it was for brakes and several other things. Accountant Leon Stout presented the bill and noted it was for brakes, a tune-up and repairs to the bucket. Councilman Rickard inquired about Bill #13 (May Supply) does the town have to pay for these partitions. Accountant Leon Stout noted funds in the Ed Good Account are almost gone and can only pay $615.00 of the bill and the town will have to pay the balance. Councilman Rickard inquired if Bill #19 (Patton, Harris & Rust) was this amount all for the sewer plant flow study.  Town Manager Terry Pettit noted this was an on-going situation and will continue to have bills. Motion was made by Leon Rickard, seconded by Bruce Stoneberger to approve the Paywarrant totaling $130,792.44 be paid. Passed Unanimously.


            Town Manager Terry Pettit presented the Administrative Report beginning at 8:55 pm.



Continued Minutes 01/11/12



            Mr. Pettit noted the Public Works’ Committee (Mike Knight and Bruce Stoneberger) along with himself and Ronnie McCoy met before the meeting to discuss the purchase of dump trucks. Public Works’ Foreman Ronnie McCoy noted he had found some decent used dump trucks in Missouri. Mr. McCoy noted the trucks were from 2004-2007 and should be just what the town is looking for. After some discussion Mr. McCoy was advised to contact the place to see if the trucks were still available and we would proceed further.

            Mr. Pettit noted hr was continuing to pursue the figures for the possibility of the town picking-up their own trash. Mr. Pettit noted they had looked at a trash truck and now he needs to contact a container company for price on trash containers, insurance and several other items to get a total cost before budget workshop.


            Mr. Pettit noted we have a problem with our old trash truck and wants the body to advise him of how they wish to handle this problem. Mr. Pettit noted the truck was taken to Stanley Auto and they found a head gasket was leaking. Mr. Pettit further noted Stanley Auto advised they would not be able to fix this problem. Mr. Pettit noted they spoke to Reed’s about this problem and was advised they could fix the problem. Mr. Pettit noted the trash truck could also be taken to Highway Motors. After some discussion Council advised Mr. Pettit to take the truck to Reed’s.


            Mr. Pettit noted EDA Public Works’ and Economic Adjustment Assistance Program are offering grants that pay for construction of water and sewer lines to potential industrial sites. Mr. Pettit noted we can apply for a grant which will pay for the line to the industrial site on Goodrich Road. Mr. Pettit noted the grant is 50/50 with the town matching our share with “in kind” work such as installing the water line.


            Mr. Pettit noted the Water & Sewer Committee will need to meet on the proposed wellhead protection ordinance within the next couple of weeks.


            Mr. Pettit noted a Cub Scout group toured our wastewater plant for credit towards their environmental merit badges.


            Mr. Pettit noted he had applied for a 100% grant that will pay for a transfer switch and all the electrical panel boxes that will allow for backup power at Well #6. Mr. Pettit noted the town will have to purchase the generator for the backup power source.


            Mr. Pettit noted the Police Report was presented in writing due to Chief Foster being in the hospital.


            Mr. Pettit noted the Recreation Report was presented in writing. Mr. Pettit further noted

we have a problem with the shelters’ bathrooms not having enough water pressure to flush at the




Continued Minutes 01/11/12



Ed Good Park. Mr. Pettit and Ronnie McCoy discussed a couple ways to fix this problem being to increase the pipe size from the road from ¾ inch to 11/2 inch to the shelter or purchase new commodes with tanks. After some discussion Council opted to buy new commodes and to use the others somewhere else.


            Public Works’ Foreman Ronnie McCoy addressed the body at 8:43 pm. noting they had been working at the Hawksbill Diner with little to no water pressure. Mr. McCoy noted he was afraid there could be a leak in the line that runs in the creek.


            Mayor Purdham inquired if there was any New Business that needs to be discussed.


            Mr. Pettit noted the dates for the Homecoming (July 4th-7th) and the Christmas Parade (December 1st, 6:30 pm.


            Mr. Pettit inquired if Council wishes to hold a mid-term work session. After a brief discussion it was decided to have this Wednesday, February 15th at 7:00 pm. at the cottage at the Hawksbill Recreation Park.


`           Motion was made by Leon Rickard, seconded by Martha Graves to adjourn the meeting at 8:55 pm. Passed Unanimously.










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Douglas L. Purdham, Mayor                                      Norma Cubbage, Clerk