July 2011 – Meeting Minutes


Stanley Town Office

Wednesday, July 13, 2011



            Mayor Purdham called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm. with
the following Council members in attendance:  Mike Knight, Bruce Stoneberger, Leon Rickard,
Richard Dorraugh.  Also present at the
meeting were as follows: Town Manager Terry Pettit, Steve Thomas, Mike Salvino.


            Mayor Purdham gave the Invocation and the Pledge of
Allegiance was led by Councilman Rickard.


            Mayor Purdham inquired if there were any changes to the
proposed agenda for tonight’s meeting. 
There being none, Motion was made by Councilman Rickard and seconded by
Councilman Dorraugh to pass the agenda as presented.  Passed Unanimously.


            Mr. Pettit noted that Leon Stout had to be appointed Temporary
Clerk for the meeting.  The Motion was
made by Councilman Dorraugh and seconded by Councilman Stoneberger to appoint
Leon Stout Temporary Clerk.  Passed


            Mayor Purdham recognized Mike Salvino, representing
William Kibler Library, to speak about the Bill Kibler Collection.  Mr. Salvino said that the University of
Virginia (UVA) has shown interest in the Bill Kibler collection.  This collection of books, journals, and
photos is still being stored in totes in the vault at the library.  The Library board would like to see the Bill
Kibler collection utilized to maximize its benefit.    The William Kibler Library doesn’t have
room for its display and does not have resources to protect the collection from
wear over time.  The Library has been in
contact with UVA and UVA is interested in taking the full collection.  UVA will digitize what they feel are the most
beneficial writings and photos and do what needs to be done to preserve the
rest of the collection. It would be too costly digitize all the
collection.  For UVA to accept the Bill
Kibler collection, the Town of Stanley will have to turn over ownership of the
entire collection.  This will have to be
included in a letter of acceptance of the agreement.  The Library feels it is the right thing to do
and needs the Town’s approval.  Council
Knight asked if there is any legal obligation to keep the Kibler
Collection.  The Mr. Pettit noted that we
only had the obligation to preserve the collection.  Mr. Salvino thanked the council for their
time.  Mayor Purdham asked for a motion
to agree to pass ownership of the Bill Kibler Collection from the Town of
Stanley to the University of Virginia. 
Councilman Stoneberger motioned and Councilman Rickard seconded the
motion.  Passed unanimously.


            Mayor Purdham asked if there was any Old Business.  Mr. Pettit noted that the only Old Business
is that Allan Cubbage has agreed to take the position of the Town’s
representative to Page County Environmental Department of Agriculture (EDA).


            Mayor Purdham asked if there were any questions or
changes on the past minutes.  There was
none.  Councilman Stoneberger motioned
for passing the past minutes and seconded by Councilman Knight.  Passed Unanimously.


            Mayor Purdham asked if there were any questions on the
Financial Statement or Paywarrant. 
Councilman Knight asked if the police checkbook balance was the same as
the Century Station Checkbook.  Mr. Stout
noted that it was an error.  The balance
of the police checkbook should be $3,450.00. 
The balance of the total checkbooks would be $ 142,361.56.  The total balance of the financial statement
would now be $323,213.39.  Councilman
Knight has questions on Bill #12, DR’s Quickstop.  Mr. Stout noted that it was for 2 months.  Bill # 6, Breeden’s Auto.  Chief Foster noted that there was a lot of problems
that were found on car 203 while repairing something else.  Prepaids 
# 20, Page-Luray Chamber, if that was the amount donated because he
didn’t think we gave that much.  Mr.
Pettit noted that we normally give $750, but we haven’t given in a few years.  We did budget a $ 1,000 for the Chamber last
year.  Bill # 47, Valley Automation, the
website maintenance was so high.  Mr.
Pettit noted that it was for a few months maintenance and for annual

Maintenance fee.  Councilman Knight noted
that he saw an SVEC on the Prepaids as well as the Paywarrant.  Mr. Stout said that the SVEC bill came too
late last month to put on last month’s Paywarrant.   Councilman
Knight asked if we if a portion of the Pool/P.W. Loan was in reserve for the
Public Works Doors.  Mr. Stout noted that
we do.  Stoneberger asked if Bill # 14,
Galls, was for pool uniforms.  Mr. Stout
noted that it was an error, they were police uniforms.  Bill # 28, Page News, Mr. Stout noted that we
had public hearing and budget ads that were run.  Bill # 44, Upbeat Furnishings, Mr. Pettit
noted that they were grills that were previously approved for the parks.  Councilman Rickard asked about Bill #41,
Tools Plus. Mr. Stout noted that it was for 2 diamond blades.  Mayor Purdham Asked if there was any more
questions.  There were no more
questions.    Councilman Stoneberger
motioned for the passing of the Financial Statement and Paywarrant of $ 199,440.26
and seconded by Councilman Knight. 
Passed Unanimously.


            Mayor Purdham asked if there were any Committee
reports.  Mr. Pettit Noted that the
Finance committee met before the meeting. 
They recommend that we put $10,000 in CIP until September and if
finances are doing well, transfer the money into a CD.  Councilman Stoneberger motioned to move money
from the General Checking to CIP and seconded by Councilman Knight.  Passed Unanimously.











Pettit noted that the Council needs to pass a resolution for Mr. Pettit to
begin the process of funding applications for various drinking water projects
within the Town of Stanley and a portion of the County of Page that the Town of
Stanley services water.  Councilman
Rickard motioned for the passing of the resolution and Councilman Dorraugh
Seconded the motion.




VOTING FOR:                                                                              VOTING AGAINST:    

Richard Dorraugh                                                                                 

Leon Rickard

Mike Knight

Bruce Stoneberger 




Absent:  Martha Graves






Pettit noted that the Town was turned down for the Tiger grant for the walking
trail.  The trail needs to be designed to
move people from place to place and not limited to one property.


Pettit gave the Town Manager’s report. 
Mr. Pettit noted that he is working with the Northern Shenandoah Valley
Planning District on finalizing the Regional Drought Plan.


            Mr. Pettit noted he is working with Anderson and Anderson
on the Streetscape project, Judy Lane water study project, and Chapel Village


            Mr. Pettit noted he is working with Community Rural
Development on the dump truck loan grant.


            Mr. Pettit noted the process of developing plans,
advertise and seek bids on the Ed Good Park sewer project is beginning.


            Mr. Pettit noted that he is working with General Code
Publishers with preparing updates to our code book on the recent changes.


            Mr. Pettit noted they are continuing to seek information
on the possibility of the Town starting trash pick-up. Cost of uniforms are
also being reviewed.


            Mr. Pettit noted that he is working with Agri-Sludge on
their request to start disposing of the sludge at the wastewater plant.


            Mr. Pettit noted that he is working
with Patton Harris and Rust to develop a plan of action for the DEQ due to the
plant exceeding its flow limits three consecutive months.

            Mr. Pettit noted that he is working
with Racey engineering to initiate the “Design the Sign Contest” for our Gateway

            Mr. Pettit noted that we are still
working on improvements to the Town office and complete move to the Public
Works Department.

            Mr. Pettit noted that we are going
to work with Renosys Pool Company to discuss an agreement in reference to the
amount owed on the final payment for pool repairs.  After brief discussion, the Council
recommended that the issue be taken to the Town’s Attorney.

            Mr. Pettit noted that he is working
with the Town Attorney on finalizing a leasing agreement with the Library.

            Mr. Pettit gave the Public Works
report in the absent of Public Works Foreman Ronnie McCoy.  Mr. Pettit noted that the Judy Lane project
has been started.  The Town crew has also
installed a couple of water and sewer connections.

            Police Chief Timmy Foster gave the
Police report.  Chief Foster noted that
the home coming this year was relatively quiet. 
The only disturbances were on Saturday night. Chief Foster noted that a
visit is scheduled with Rural Development to talk about possible grants for
narrow band radios and a computer server. 
Chief Foster also noted that he had to send back a taser to see if it
could be repaired.

            Recreation Director Chuck Short gave
the Recreation report.  Mr. Short noted
that Renosys Company finished their work on refurbishing the pool on June 25th.  The project did take about 2 weeks.  Mr. Short noted that he did see caulking
issues on about a 1/3 of the pool and Renosys is suppose to come back and fix
the caulking issues after the pool closes in September.  Mr. Short noted that the pool opened on June
29th and gave a brief overview of the pool opening.  Mr. Short did note about four pool parties
were lost because of the pool opening late. 
The pool is gaining more pool parties. 
The pool lost about 1.5 life guards and have hired one.   Mr. Short noted that he is trying to
schedule night swims.  Concerning Ed Good
Park, Mr. Short noted that the sign at the skatepark has been damaged and needs
to be repaired.

            Mayor Purdham asked if there were
any Public Comment.  There was no public
comment and Mayor Purdham adjourned the meeting at 9:10 p.m.  Motioned by Councilman Rickard and seconded
by Councilman Knight.  Passed









Douglas L. Purdham, Mayor                                                                          
Leon Stout, Temporary Clerk