July 2012 – Meeting Minutes


Wednesday, July 18, 2012, 7:30 pm.

Stanley Town Office



Vice-Mayor Leon Rickard called the meeting to order due to the absence of the Mayor with the following Council Members in attendance: Mike Knight, Bruce Stoneberger, Richard Dorraugh and Martha Graves. Also present at the meeting were as follows: Town Manager Terry Pettit, Accountant Leon Stout, Police Chief Timmy Foster, Jill Keihn with Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional Commission and Mike Uram.


The Invocation was given by Martha Graves and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mike Knight.


Vice-Mayor Rickard inquired if there were any additions or corrections to the Agenda as presented. Town Manager Terry Pettit noted the order of the meeting needs to be changed so that Chief Timmy Foster can present his report earlier preferably before Old Business as he needs to leave.  Motion was made by Mike Knight, seconded by Martha Graves to adopt the Agenda as amended.


Town Manager Terry Pettit introduced Jill Keihn with the Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional Commission. Ms. Keihn noted she was here to discuss two separate issues which we are dealing with tonight. Ms. Keihn noted she has been working with Mr. Pettit on the Hazard Mitigation Plan up-date which has to be submitted to FEMA by December 2012. Ms. Keihn noted this plan is listing all of potential hazards in the Town of Stanley as well as the County and the response strategies to each. Ms. Keihn noted with this plan in place this makes the town eligible for funding. Ms. Keihn noted she would appreciate any input from the Council on this matter.


Gary and Tammy Cubbage arrived at the meeting at 7:40 pm.


Ms. Keihn noted the next issue is the Wellhead Protection Grant this will be used for signage and to place a fence around the well. Ms. Keihn noted money had run out and now there are funds available again and the Town of Stanley was awarded this grant. Ms. Keihn noted we need to get talks going with the County about finishing Well #7. Ms. Keihn also noted we need to try to talk with Norfolk Southern about their response plan to an emergency with our wells and to advise the Town of Stanley of any problems. Ms. Keihn further noted the railroad has its own hazmat team and feel they do not have to answer to anyone. Council advised they would appreciate monthly up-dates on the progress.


Ms. Keihn thanked the Council and left the meeting at 7:53 pm.


Town Manager Terry Pettit next on the agenda was a Special Use Permit request from Gary & Tammy Cubbage to place a duplex on Cave Hill where Anna Housden’s  house had been



Continued Minutes 07/18/12



located before being destroyed by fire. Mr. Pettit further noted the Planning Commission had met earlier in the month and it is their recommendation that it go to Public Hearing. Mr. Pettit

advised the body the duplex will comply with all of the town’s setbacks. After a brief discussion Motion was made by Mike Knight, seconded by Richard Dorraugh to accept the planning Commission recommendation for this request to go to Public Hearing. Mr. Pettit advised the Public Hearing will be held on Wednesday, August 8th, 2012 at 7:15 pm. at the Stanley Town Office.


            Gary & Tammy Cubbage left the meeting at 7:55 pm.


            Chief Foster addressed the Council noting he is planning to sell the old 1997 Ford, which has been taken out of service, after taking off all of the equipment. Chief Foster continued to note his department has obtained 2 free copy machines from the military auction. Chief Foster noted they were very nice machines and all he had to do in order to get them was to pay the shipping fees.


            Chief Foster noted he received $2000 in calendar donation money and that Emco was making a $250 donation instead of taking an add.


            Chief Foster noted we would receive re-imbursement for the overtime from the Click-It- Or-Ticket Program.


            Chief Foster noted there is a 1 time deal grant available to receive a 2013 Police Car and all we have to do is pay for marking the vehicle. Chief Foster noted this is a really good deal if we are lucky enough to get it if Council wishes for him to proceed. Council advised Chief Foster to proceed with this grant application.


            Chief Foster noted Homecoming went very well in-spite of making 10 arrests for various reasons. Chief Foster also noted the department has had to use more force when making arrests in the last month than normal.


            Councilman Mike Knight noted he had a complaint about the amount of officers during  Homecoming. Chief Foster noted he did not feel that way and that he wanted to be ready for any situation that may arise.


            Chief Foster noted that the Recreation Director has complained about persons getting in to the pool area through the fence at night after hours. Chief Foster noted his officers have kept very close watch at the pool and have found nothing to support Mr. Short’s complaint.


            Chief Foster noted the cameras at the Ed Good Shelter have proven to be a worthwhile investment when the signs were stolen from the bathroom doors. Chief Foster noted they were



Continued Minutes 07/18/12



able to see who had taken the signs and were able to get them back with little damage. Chief Foster noted the person responsible has been banned from the park.


            Chief Foster thanked the Council and left the meeting at 8:22 pm.


            Vice-Mayor Rickard noted at this time we will move onto Old Business.


            Town Manager Terry Pettit noted we are still waiting on approval from VDOT on the  Welcome To Stanley Sign Design so we can proceed seeking bids on the construction.


            Mr. Pettit noted he had included up-dates in the packets from Anderson Associates on projects they are working on for the Town. Mr. Pettit also noted Mark Gunderson has been named Public Works’ Director for the Town of Strasburg. Mr. Pettit noted he had worked with Mark on the Town’s projects and will miss him.


            Town Manager Pettit noted the refurbishment work at the Industrial Site Pump Station near the Technical Center hoping to begin in August.


             Mr. Pettit noted we have been notified by Virginia Rural Development that they will approve the left over grant money to be used to purchase a street sweeper.


            Mr. Pettit noted he was in the process of getting prices from 2 auctioneers so that we can proceed with having our sale.


            Mr. Pettit then distributed a fact sheet with information from Waste Management versus figures compiled from the Town. There was some discussion on whether the Town of Stanley should start back into picking up trash or let Waste Management continue.


            Vice-Mayor Rickard inquired if there were any corrections or additions to the corrected Minutes of the previous month’s meeting which were distributed by the Clerk before the meeting. Motion was made by Martha Graves, seconded by Bruce Stoneberger to approve the corrected minutes of the previous month’s meeting.  Passed Unanimously.


            The Financial Statement was presented.


            Councilwoman Graves inquired if she was correct had there been two water and sewer taps made and if the facility fees had been put in the CIP Account. Town Accountant Leon Stout noted the checkbook balance does not include the facility fees. Councilwoman Graves noted those fees need to be transferred to the CIP Account. The monthly Financial Statement was approved as presented with the addition of transferring of facility fees.




Continued Minutes 07/18/12



            Town Accountant Stout advised the need to adopt the attached Resolutions extending the credit lines for the dump truck and trash truck and also on the I&I repairs for an additional 6 months. Motion was made by Martha Graves, seconded by Mike to adopt the same. Passed Unanimously.


            The Monthly Paywarrant was then presented. Councilman Knight inquired if the flags purchased Bill #12 (Flags USA) were made in the USA. Councilman Knight was advised they certainly hoped that they are. Vice-Mayor Rickard inquired of Bill #4 (Burner Electrical) how many fuses were purchased. Town Manager Pettit noted there were 4 fuses purchased. Councilman Knight inquired of Bill #6 (Clear Communications) what was done to the police radios. Councilman Knight was advised it was new radios for the digital up-grades which are required by December 31, 2012. Motion was made by Martha Graves, seconded by Richard Dorraugh that the Paywarrant totaling $148,963.22 be paid.  Passed Unanimously.


            Town Manager Terry Pettit presented a Public Works’ Report noting they are getting the water leaks under control and they are now down in the single digits.


            Mr. Pettit noted several others items that the department is working on and are as follows: fire hydrant repair on Al Good Drive and extending the Marksville 6 inch water line out the road farther as there are pressure problems.


            The Recreation Report was presented in writing due to the heavy work schedule of the director.


            Councilman Knight thanked the Recreation Department for the use of the cabin and further noted the couple really enjoyed the time they spent there.


            Mr. Pettit noted he has placed an ad in the local paper to rent the cottage at the park on a  monthly basis. Mr. Pettit also noted again this year we are having lifeguard problems.


            Vice-Mayor noted at 9:05 pm. it was time for New Business.


            Town Manager Pettit noted the need to have a dedication for the benches which were purchased for the Ed Good Park. After a brief discussion Mr. Pettit noted the dedication will be held Wednesday, August 8th at 7:00 pm. at the Ed Good Park.


            Mr. Pettit noted Pioneer Bank has $10,000 set aside for the walking trail project and wanted to know what the body wants to do with this money. Mr. Pettit further noted we can try to cut out the top soil for the entire area or do it in phases. There was brief discussion on whether we could dig this out without a track-loader or some other piece of equipment. After the discussion Mr. Pettit noted his would talk to Hensil Good and Buster Pettit about this issue.



Continued Minutes 07/18/12



Mr. Pettit noted he was advised by Mr. Leo Baker that due to his health he was resigning from the Board of Zoning Appeals.


            Mr. Pettit further noted he was asked if a local Girl Scout Troop in they could hold a yard sale in the town parking lot on August 17th and 18th. Council advised Mr. Pettit to allow the Girl Scouts use of the same.


            Vice-Mayor noted at 9:17 pm. it was time for Public Comment.


            Mr. Uram noted he would like to thank the public work employees for the work done at the pump station. Mr. Uram noted it was a job well done.


            Motion was made at 9:20 pm by Mike Knight, seconded by Bruce Stoneberger to adjourn  the meeting. Passed Unanimously.






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Leon Rickard, Vice-Mayor                                           Norma Cubbage, Clerk