Meeting Minutes December 2010


STANLEY TOWN OFFICE—Wednesday, December 08, 2010, 7:30 pm.

Mayor Doug Purdham called the meeting to order with the following Council Members present:  Martha Graves, Richard Dorraugh, Bruce Stoneberger, Mike Knight, and Leon Rickard.  Also present were Town Manager Terry Pettit, Public Works Foreman Ronnie McCoy, Steve Thomas, Mike Uram, Brianna Campbell with Luray/Page County Chamber of Commerce, Deserre Gochenour, Hailey Sours, Dustin Wright, Kevin Clem all PCHS students. The following persons of a local bicycle group were also in attendance: Justin, Christian & Kyle Biller, Jessica Elmore, Patrick Gray, LJ Good, Erien Wells, Dustin Ramey, Dalton Shifflett and Lisa Rogers.    

Mayor Doug Purdham gave Invocation and Leon Rickard led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor Purdham inquired if there were any corrections or additions to the Agenda.  Mr. Pettit noted the need to add the bicycle group as they wished to speak. Motion was made by Martha Graves, seconded by Mike Knight to pass the Agenda as amended.  Passed Unanimously.

Mayor Purdham then recognized Brianna Campbell from Luray/Page Chamber of Commerce.

Brianna thanked the body for allowing her time to speak and noted it had been a very good year for the Chamber. Ms. Campbell noted figures from this year were as follows: 3892 local calls, 1386 local walk-ins, 2034 tourist calls and 9414 tourist walk-ins. Ms. Campbell noted all the totals were up with the exception of local walk-ins.

Ms. Campbell presented the body with the Chamber’s Visitors Guide for the up-coming new year. Ms. Campbell noted the guide includes local town events and promotes Luray as being the 2nd most popular wedding site in the US. Ms. Campbell noted the Chamber’s 2011 Calendar will be out very soon and she will see that the town gets them.

Ms. Campbell inquired if anyone had any questions. Councilman Stoneberger inquired if it would be possible to include the local fire departments as sites for wedding receptions and food catering services in the guide. Ms. Campbell noted this is a good idea and will look into adding this in next years’ guide. Ms. Campbell noted if there was anything she could do for the town, just give her a call.

Police Chief Timmy Foster arrived at the meeting at 7:45 pm.

  Mr. Uram presented his EDA update noting the Board of Supervisors requested their presence at the meeting inquiring the status of Project Clover. Mr. Uram noted the unemployment rate in Page County is 11.2%. Mr. Uram noted the EDA will come back to the Board with another plan after the new board is in place as far as Project Clover. Mr. Uram noted a representative from Shenandoah Valley Electric Company was at the meeting and noted they were in the process of doing upgrades in the entire area. Mr. Uram presented several hand-outs to the Council with graphs, unemployment statistics and other information. Mr. Uram noted the top 50 business in Page County and looking at our Comprehensive Plan to see if it is serving the needs of our citizens and town.  Mr. Uram noted the need for the town and community to help Mr. Tong, if any way possible,

Continued Minutes 12/08/10

to move money faster in order to proceed with Premier Technologies building plans. Mr. Uram thanked the body for their time.

Jessica Elmore, the spokesperson for the Bicycle Committee, noted at 7:55 pm. that they were here to ask for help in having a place to ride their BMX Bicycles. Ms. Elmore noted they are not allowed to ride at the skatepark and they have no place to ride without getting into trouble. The group noted that most of the skate boarders have turned to BMX riding. The group noted they were willing to help build and maintain the area if allowed to have such a place. The body noted they would be willing to help if they could come up with some plans on this project. Ms. Elmore noted a dirt track would be really good and they would do fundraisers to help with the project. Ms. Elmore noted the group is willing to work hard to make this project happen. Mayor Purdham inquired if they could assure the body continued involvement in this project. The group assured the body there would be and they would get some plans together and set up a meeting with Mr. Pettit and Mr. Short as soon as they were complete. The group thanked the body and left the meeting at 8:05 pm.         

Mayor Purdham noted next on the agenda was Old Business.

Mr. Pettit presented the Old Business noting the Library Board was very hard working and noted they were determined to make the library re-opening a reality.   

Mr. Pettit noted next was the bids for the Hawksbill Park Shelter repairs which was damaged during a storm. Mr. Pettit further noted we received 7 bids for this project. Mayor Purdham proceeded to open the bids as follows:   

DTS Construction                     -       $8000.00

Custom Ag Structures, Inc.       -      $7679.70

L & J Construction                    -      $7500.00 

Kidwell Home Improvement     -      $3708.00

T & T Carpentry                        -      $7800.00

Mark Good Construction           -      $8674.00

Darrell Campbell Construction  -      $9039.71

After some discussion about the lowest bid, not covering the complete project repairs, there was no decision made. Mr. Pettit noted he would meet with Mr. Short to discuss this and decide what route they needed to take before awarding the bid.   

Mr. Pettit next noted Councilman Knight, Councilman Rickard and himself attended a property maintenance code meeting. Mr. Pettit noted that Part 1 of the agreement has already been adopted by the state. Mr. Pettit and the body had a brief discussion on the subject and he asked the body to review parts 2 & 3 over the holidays and they would discuss it at January’s meeting.

Councilman Knight inquired if Mr. Pettit had gotten any quotes on trash trucks. Mr. Pettit noted he had found a couple of places that sold new and used trash trucks. Mr. Pettit noted they ranged in price from $20,000 to 69,000 for used up to $195,000 for new.  The body discussed the pros and cons with the town getting back into the trash business.


Continued Minutes 12/08/10

Mayor Purdham asked if there were any corrections to the previous month’s meeting as presented in writing. Councilwoman Graves noted that on page #3 the second paragraph the vote was not recorded. Motion was made by Councilman Rickard, seconded by Councilwoman Graves that the Minutes of the previous month’s meeting be approved with the necessary correction.  Passed Unanimously. 

The Financial Statement, accompanying Note and Paywarrant were presented. Councilwoman Graves noted the Hawksbill Park Account had been carrying a $12,000 balance and on this statement it was not, what happened to the money. Mr. Pettit noted he would call Mr. Stout and he would inform the body. Councilwoman Graves also noted the figure listed as Less Bills from other accounts were really unpaid general account bills. Mr. Pettit noted Mr. Stout called and stated he had transferred the $12,000 from the Hawksbill Account temporarily so that the $18,000 VRA payment could be made on time. Mr. Stout also noted the funds were transferred back within 4 days and all the unpaid General Account bills have been paid in full. The Financial Statement and accompanying note were approved as presented with clarification.

The Monthly Paywarrant was discussed with Councilman Rickard inquiring about Bills #6 (VDOT) and #10 (DMV) what were these bills. Town Manager Terry Pettit noted the VDOT bill was for the permit for road crossings needed in the Judy Lane water extension project.  Clerk Norma Cubbage along with Mr. Pettit noted the DMV bill was the charge for each stop on persons owing personal taxes to the Town of Stanley which is passed on to the customer. Councilwoman Graves inquired about Prepaid Bill #27 (C & B Wholesale) how much candy was purchased. The Clerk noted it was parade candy for both Stanley and Luray and it was also for the fire department to use, which they will reimburse the town. Councilman Knight inquired about Prepaid Bill #26 (Walmart) what was that parade candy. The Clerk noted it was for the candy bags made for Santa to give to the children after the parade. The Clerk noted that it would not cost the town anything at all it is paid from donations collected from local business. Councilman Knight inquired about Bill # 26 (Visa) the cell phone case cost and the police meals charges. Chief Timmy Foster noted it was for 7 nicer cell phone cases which should last longer than the ones usually purchased, which is only about 3 or 4 months. Chief Foster noted he bought meals for his department when on the firing range because it takes almost all day and some of his officers having to do this on a scheduled day off.  Chief Foster noted he was unaware that Council had discontinued this practice and in the future he will follow their wishes. Motion was made by Martha Graves, seconded by Bruce Stoneberger that the Paywarrant totaling $116,319.45 be paid.  Passed Unanimously.

There being no Committee Reports Town Manager Terry Pettit presented his Administrative Report at 8:45 pm.        

Town Manager Terry Pettit noted all of the 140 trees we received from the grant have been planted. Mr. Pettit noted how pleased he was with the great job Jennifer Hammer and her crew did and she will also be checking on them throughout the winter. Mr. Pettit further noted all the work done by Jennifer and her crew was performed on a volunteer basis and was a great help to the town.


Continued Minutes 12/08/10

Mr. Pettit noted he was contacted by the Urban and Regional Department of the Virginia Commonwealth University who has a program similar to Virginia Tech, which helped with the Ed Good Memorial Park design. Mr. Pettit noted he met with Mr.

Stephen Smiley a student in the Urban Planning Department of VCU and he will be

developing a master walking trail that takes off from where the Virginia Tech plan stops. Mr. Pettit noted this project will last for approximately 4 months and there is no cost to  the town with the exception of his time.

Town Manager Pettit noted Graves Chapel Cemetery Association has requested a new road name. The road is the dirt lane that goes into the cemetery and to the McClung residence. Mr. Pettit noted the name of Graves Cemetery Lane has been submitted to the mapping office for approval.

 Mr. Pettit noted he had started the necessary paperwork for the possibility of placing Massanutten Valley Road into the State maintenance system as had been requested.

Mr. Pettit noted he has applied for a grant through the Northern Shenandoah Valley Planning Office that would install all the necessary electrical connections for generator power to Well # 6. Mr. Pettit also noted he had applied for a $40,000.00  wellhead protection grant. Mr. Pettit noted if we are able to obtain this grant it would help  implement some of the goals that were left in the last protection plan such as a written railroad contingency plan.

Town Manager Terry Pettit noted he had a request from the Page Youth Football League for the town to donate a pool pass for a fund raising event they are holding. Motion was made by Mike Knight, seconded by Martha Graves to donate the pool pass. Passed Unanimously.

Town Public Works Foreman Ronnie McCoy addressed the body noting he had received the permits from VDOT for the extension on Judy Lane in order to give residents more water pressure. Mr. McCoy noted he had requested bids for pipe and fittings for the project and they were coming in at between $25,000.00 to 26,000.00.   Mr. McCoy noted this was going to be a very costly project.

Mr. McCoy also noted it was time to get the vehicles ready for pushing snow and the old dump truck needs a new bed and the cheapest one he had found was $4,500.00.  Mr. McCoy noted this was more than the truck was worth and he would continue his search for a one cheaper or for a used dump truck. Mr. McCoy noted he could purchase a blade for the ton truck and use that instead of the dump truck.  Mr. McCoy noted he could probably get a blade for about $4,500.00. After some discussion, Motion was made by Bruce Stoneberger, seconded by Leon Rickard to purchase a blade for the ton truck. Passed Unanimously.

Police Chief Timmy Foster presented the Police Report beginning at 9:10 pm. noting that November had been a relatively quiet month.


Continued Minutes 12/08/10

Chief Foster noted he thought the Christmas Parade went very well. Mayor Purdham noted he received one complaint about the road being closed and was not notified.

The Recreation Report was presented in writing due to Mr. Short having basketball games.

Mayor Purdham noted New Business was next on the agenda.

Town Manager Terry Pettit noted the need to adopt the Resolution supporting a Virginia Recreational Trails Grant application for funding a walking trail at the Ed Good Memorial Park which was included in their packet.  Councilwoman Graves noted some wording that needed to be changed in the resolution. Motion was made by Mike Knight, seconded by Martha Graves to adopt the Resolution as amended. Passed Unanimously.

Mr. Pettit noted the need to change the date of next month’s meeting date to January 19th   .  

Mr. Pettit inquired if Council wishes to discuss Christmas Bonus’ for the employees. After brief discussion Motion was made by Martha Graves, seconded by Leon Rickard that all employees receive a $150.00 Christmas Bonus. Passed Unanimously.

Mayor Purdham noted it was time for Public Comment at 9:28 pm.

Mr. Uram noted he was awed by the students that had come to the meeting and they had a plan. Mr. Uram suggested that maybe the Ed Good Park was getting crowded. Mr. Uram noted the need to have a plan in place for the  park. 

 Motion was made by Councilman Knight, seconded by Councilman Stoneberger to adjourn the meeting at 9:38 pm. Passed Unanimously.

________________________                                              _________________________

Douglas L. Purdham, Mayor                                                Normal Cubbage, Clerk