Meeting Minutes July 2010


Stanley Town Office

Wednesday, July 14, 2010, 7:30 pm.

                Mayor Purdham called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm. with the following Council members in attendance: Bruce Stoneberger, Richard Dorraugh, Leon Rickard, Martha Graves and Mike Knight. Others attending the meeting were as follows: Town Manager Terry Pettit, Public Works Foreman Ronnie McCoy, Chief Timmy Foster, Mike Uram, Steve Thomas and Joe Farruggia with Page News and Courier.

            The Invocation was given by Mayor Purdham and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Councilman Rickard.

            Mayor Purdham inquired if there were any additions or corrections to the Agenda.

Town Manager Terry Pettit noted the need to add possible litigation under Closed Meeting. Councilman Knight noted he would like to add under Old Business the moving of the Stanley Police Department and the offices of the Public Works Foreman Ronnie McCoy and the Recreation Director Chuck Short.  Motion was made by Mike Knight, seconded by Richard Dorraugh to accept the Agenda with the additions. Passed Unanimously.

                Town Representative to the EDA Mike Uram was then allowed to address the body with an up-date. Mr. Uram noted monies which the EDA received were given back to the county and there was a new member from District 2. Mr. Uram noted he feels we need to pursue David Tong’s venture with Premier even though the county has just about given up on Project Clover. Mr. Uram noted the only thing the EDA group can do is to make   recommendations.   Mr. Uram noted if anyone from the body has any thoughts or ideas please call or e-mail him.

            Mayor Purdham inquired about the Bicycle Club which was on the Agenda scheduled to speak at the meeting, Town Manager Terry Pettit note he did not know what happened but he had been told they were seeking a place to ride their bikes.

            Mayor Purdham then noted it was time for Old Business to be discussed.

            Town Manager Terry Pettit noted the I & I Sewer Project has been finalized and he is in the process of submitting a request to DEQ for Lyttle Utilities for approval and final payment. 

            Mr. Pettit noted the Aylor Grubbs Avenue Force Main Project is proceeding and will be complete within the next two weeks. Mr. Pettit noted W.C. Construction finished installing the force main line and it is already on line.  

Continued Minutes 07/14/10

                 Mr. Pettit noted he had included information in their packets on the Gateway Sign Grant. Mr. Pettit noted Gary Shirley has been working hard on this project and that it is beginning to make a little headway.

            Councilman Knight noted he would like move to the police department office to the empty space at the Public Works Building. Mr. Knight noted we could borrow about $20,000 to make it work for the department and they would have room to expand. Councilman Knight noted we could also put the public work’s foreman and the recreation director offices in the lower top portion of the building and we could also fence-in an area for an impound lot. Mr. Knight also noted it would enable us to save the rent money in order that we may be able to begin the new town office building sooner than we thought.   

            Councilwoman Graves noted she did not like the idea of moving the police department off Main Street. Mrs. Graves noted she thinks it will take closer to $50,000 to make the space suitable for the police department. Councilwoman Graves noted we may have another option for the police department which we will discuss later in Closed Meeting.

            After more discussion on this issue Mayor Purdham suggested the body study both options and then have a work session to discuss further.

            Minutes from the previous month’s meetings were presented. Councilwoman Graves noted the last name on the minutes needed to be changed from Foster to Thomas.  Councilwoman Graves further noted on page 5 she did not make the motion to hire the fourth officer. The Clerk noted she would make the necessary corrections. Motion was made by Martha Graves, seconded by Richard Dorraugh that the Minutes of the previous month’s meeting be approved with the corrections.  Passed Unanimously.

                  The Monthly Financial Statement and accompanying note were presented. Mayor Purdham noted the checkbook balance was transferred across incorrectly (should have been $3,044.48 instead of $9,519.41) this makes the totals incorrect (checkbook balance totals should be $211,294.75 instead of $217,769.68) and total funds in deposit accounts should be $411,615.85 not $418,150.78 as printed. Councilwoman Graves also noted the accompanying note had incorrect information being it has May Paywarrant totals $75,156.00 instead the correct June Paywarrant totals $83,754.94. The Monthly Financial Statement and accompanying note were approved as corrected.

            The Monthly Paywarrant was then presented with Councilman Stoneberger inquiring about Bill #4 (CSCJ) wanting to know what this was. Chief Foster noted this was training for his


Continued Minutes 07/14/10

department and it is based on the number of officers. Councilman Dorraugh inquired about Bills

#18 (Marlow Ford) and #25 (Reed’s Tire Center) what was done different between the two that would make this much difference in the price.  The Clerk found the bills and noted the air filter on Ronnie’s truck was almost $50.00 making up the difference in the bills. Councilman Knight inquired noted the amount of Bill #38 (Waste Management) this is a lot of money. Councilman Knight noted we may be better off to pick-up trash ourselves. Town Manager Terry Pettit noted it could be a possibility we could check with Elkton and Shenandoah. Motion was made by Leon Rickard, seconded by Bruce Stoneberger that the $153,551.36 Monthly Paywarrant for July be paid.  Passed Unanimously.

            Mayor Purdham inquired if there were any Committee Reports. Town Manager Terry Pettit noted there were none. Mayor Purdham then noted Mr. Pettit could proceed with the Administrative Report. Mr. Pettit noted he was notified earlier in the evening by the county about high methane levels at the old landfill.  Mr. Pettit further noted he would be monitoring this situation.

            Mr. Pettit noted the pump at Well #4 went out about two weeks ago during some of the hottest weather. Mr. Pettit noted the problem was discovered on Friday morning and Burner’s Well Drilling had it back on line by Monday evening.

            Mr. Pettit also noted as Council was aware, the air condition unit at the library had to be replaced.  Mr. Pettit further noted he asked the Mayor of the possibility in forming a new Library Committee (two council members, citizen at large and town manager) to help when situations such as this arise. Mr. Pettit also noted the committee could also meet with the Librarian on occasion to discuss any needs or issues that she may have. Mayor Purdham advised this would be done at next month’s meeting.

            Mr. Pettit noted he had possibly found two grants for the Farmers Market but the paperwork was very extensive. Mr. Pettit advised he would keep Council advised.

            Mr. Pettit also advised he had found a Federal Funded Tiger 11 Discretionary Grant for trails and he will be looking into the application to see if the Ed Good Memorial Park will qualify.

            Mr. Pettit noted he had been notified the grant for the dump truck has made it to Washington D.C. for a final decision. Mr. Pettit noted this process could take from four to six weeks.

            Mr. Pettit noted he has begun the paperwork for the Cigarette Tax in order that it can


Continued Minutes 07/14/10

be implemented by September 1st.  Mr. Pettit noted he would be visiting the businesses that this will effect to discuss the process.

            Mr. Pettit noted a copy of the consent order from DEQ was included in their packets for them to review. Mr. Pettit also noted we have agreed to the order and we have to meet the deadlines in the agreement which extends over a five year period.

            Mr. Pettit noted he had met with the Town Engineers to discuss a plan to discharge water from the Hawksbill Pool next year in order to be in compliance with DEQ.

            Mr. Pettit also noted he had several persons look at the van but had been unable to sell it for the price Council quoted.  

            Mr. Pettit noted anyone wishing to attend the VML Conference in October needs to let him know in order to make reservations.

            Mr. Pettit passed out pictures he was able to obtain during the plane ride of the Ed Good Memorial Park.  Mr. Pettit noted looking at the aerial pictures we have more room than we realize. Mr. Pettit continued to note Homecoming still has room for their festivities.

            Mr. Pettit noted a copy of the agreement from Young, Nicholas, Branner and Phillips

for this year’s audit was included in their packet. Mr. Pettit inquired if they wanted to proceed with them again this year.  After a brief discussion Motion was made by Martha Graves, seconded by Bruce Stoneberger for Mr. Pettit to proceed with the agreement. Passed Unanimously.

            Mr. Pettit inquired if council had looked at the copy of the rental agreement from All Star Lodging for the cottage at the Hawksbill Pool which was included in their packets. After some discussion Motion was made by Mike Knight, seconded by Martha Graves to sign the agreement for one more year. Passed Unanimously.

            Mr. Pettit noted the donation request from Valley Health and what did the body wish to do. Mayor Purdham noted the body has decided at this time to table this issue.

            Town Manager Terry Pettit also noted the agreement with NSVRC needs to be accepted. Motion was made by Martha Graves, seconded by Bruce Stoneberger to accept the same.  Passed Unanimously.


Continued Minutes 07/14/10

            Mayor Purdham inquired if the Public Work’s Foreman Ronnie McCoy had anything to discuss with the Council. Mr. McCoy noted the backhoe was down for a couple of days and were unable to fix any water leaks. Mr. McCoy noted we have about 20 leaks but they are beginning to work on them.

            Councilwoman Graves inquired how much longer would Mr. McCoy need the temporary employee. Public Works Foreman Ronnie McCoy noted he would need the help through the mowing season, which will probably be through later September or October.

            Police Chief Foster presented his report to Council at 8:30 pm noting he felt Homecoming was very successful as far as his department was concerned. Chief Foster noted he felt his officers did a very good job in handling the crowd and did not have to make an arrest.

            Chief Foster noted his department was working Fire Lane violators at the Food Lion with the following results, checked 60 times, gave 6 warnings and issued 2 tickets. Chief Foster noted his officers would continue to monitor this problem.

            Recreation Director Chuck Short arrived at 8:40 pm. and was allowed to present his report noting the Ed Good Memorial Park Dedication went well.

 Mr. Short noted the bank was well pleased with the Grand Opening of Century Station. Mr. Short noted it was a good turn-out for the event. Mr. Short noted there was still work to be done such as, putting sod around the tunnel and filling in areas around the playground with top soil and grass seed.  Mr. Short noted the site for the shelter has been moved again but feels this site will be suitable as far as nothing being a problem for Homecoming, not much ground work to level the site and easy access to hook-up to water and sewer. Mr. Short noted when completed we would really need to patrol the shelter area so to keep down any vandalism.

Mr. Short inquired about the bike group, who was to attend the meeting to complain about not having a place to ride. Mr. Short was advised that the bike group did not make the meeting.  Mr. Short noted this is something we may need to look into in the near future.        

            Mr. Short noted we would begin tree planting in early fall. Mr. Short noted through the grant there are many trees to pick from and we choose the type and where they are planted. Mr. Short noted that Benton Shenk has been a tremendous help to him and he is going to construct a small bridge over the swell when everything else is complete.

            Mr. Short noted the average attendance for June at the pool was 135 but had fallen off in July. Mr. Short noted the bad thing is that cracks are forming again in the walls. Mr. Short


Continued Minutes 07/14/10

noted the pool is showing its age and this is a big concern. Mr. Short noted we have been very lucky for this long we are going to have to look at replacing it. Mr. Short further noted he would like to have a sliding board for the pool but he had checked prices and they were really high. Mr. Short noted the cheapest one he found was $1700.00. Councilman Rickard inquired if Mr. Short thought attendance would increase if we had a sliding board. Mr. Short noted he was certain it would increase attendance. Mr. Short noted he had not been able to have many night swims but have had a lot of pool parties which has kept the pool busy.

            Mr. Short noted the cottage (Creekside) was rented for the 4th of July weekend which  kept him  extremely busy with all the other activities going on at the pool.

            Mr. Short also noted the other cottage (Woodside) has been rented month to month by Roger Sours. Mr. Short noted we need to stay on top of this so we don’t have the same problems with persons not paying the rent and tearing up the cottage. Council agreed with Mr. Short noting this needed special attention so we don’t have the same problems as we have had previously.

            Mayor Purdham inquired if there was any New Business that needed to be discussed. Mr. Pettit and Council noted they did not have anything new that needed to be discussed.

            Mayor Purdham noted it was time for Public Comment.

            Mike Uram thanked the body for allowing him this time to speak. Mr. Uram distributed graphs with his stats concerning the budget. Mr. Uram noted his concern with the town budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

            Motion was made at 9:15 pm. by Martha Graves, seconded by Mike Knight that the Town Council convene in a Closed Meeting for the discussion of legal matters as authorized by Virginia Code 2.2-3711 Subsection A-7 and for the discussion of personnel matters, as authorized by Virginia Code 2.2-3711 Subsection A-1. Passed Unanimously.

            Mayor Purdham states at 10:15 pm. that the Council is now in Open Meeting.

            Motion was made Martha Graves, seconded by Richard Dorraugh to adopt a Resolution to certify Closed Meeting, the meeting was held for purposes allowed under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act and that while in the Closed Meeting, only those matters identified in the motion to hold a Closed Meeting were discussed.


Continued Minutes 07/14/10

VOTING FOR:                                                                             VOTING AGAINST:   

Mike Knight                                                                                None    

Bruce Stoneberger

Richard Dorraugh

Leon Rickard

Martha Graves


Motion was made by Leon Rickard, seconded by Richard Dorraugh to adjourn the meeting at 10:20 pm. Passed Unanimously.    

________________________                                                              _______________________     

Douglas L. Purdham, Mayor                                                                  Norma Cubbage, Clerk