Meeting Minutes November 2010


Stanley Town Office

Wednesday, November 10, 2010, 7:30 pm.

                Mayor Purdham called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm. with the following Council members in attendance:  Mike Knight, Bruce Stoneberger, Leon Rickard, Richard Dorraugh and Martha Graves.  Also present at the meeting were as follows: Town Manager Terry Pettit, Mike Uram, Steve Thomas, and Joe Farruggia with Page News and Courier.

                Mayor Purdham gave the Invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Councilman Rickard.

                Mayor Purdham inquired if there were any changes to the proposed agenda for tonight’s meeting.  There being none, Motion was made by Councilwoman Graves and seconded by Councilman Stoneberger to pass the agenda as presented.  Passed Unanimously.

                Mr. Pettit noted that Leon Stout had to be appointed temporary clerk for the meeting.  The Motion was made by Councilwoman Graves and seconded by Councilman Rickard to appoint Leon Stout Temporary Clerk.  Passed Unanimously.

                Mike Uram presented the EDA (Economic Development Authority) update. Mr. Uram said Page County has agreed to pay $15,000 of the EDA Bills.  The Hudson property was foreclosed on where 7 people bid for the property.  Mr. Uram handed Unemployment reports to the Council he was going to present to the EDA.  Mr. Uram reviewed some of the report to the council.  Mr. Uram noted that the Town needs to make itself look good to attract companies to the area.  Mr. Uram thanked the Council for their time.

                Mayor Purdham asked if there was any old business.  Mr. Pettit presented the Old Business.  Mr. Pettit noted that he attached copies of the last Library Board of Trustees meeting.

                Mr. Pettit noted that he and County Administrator Mark Belton met and discussed the progress of well number 7.  They will be meeting again in the near few weeks to discuss what options there may be to place the well in service.

                Mr. Pettit noted that he and Councilwoman Graves looked at the IBR Property on East Main and will discuss further later in the meeting.

                Mayor Purdham asked if there were any questions on the past council minutes.  Councilwoman Graves mentioned that there was a grammatical error toward the bottom of the first page.  Also, there needs to be a resolution attached to the council minutes for the closed session that had taken place.  Mayor Purdham also mentioned that the molars should be changed to mowers on page 4 of the council minutes.  Mayor Purdham asked for a motion to pass the past Council minutes with the changes.  Councilwoman Graves motioned passing the past Council minutes and seconded by Councilman Stoneberger.  Passed unanimously.

Mayor Purdham asked for any questions on the Paywarrant or Financial Statement, there was no questions on the Financial Statement.  Councilman Knight asked about the amount of the Hamilton Personnel on the Prepaids bill # 1.  Mr. Stout said the bill was for 6 weeks.  Councilman Rickard asked about the Bill # 4, Personnel Concepts, on the Prepaids.  Mr. Pettit said it was a replacement of labor posters required by law.  Councilwoman Graves asked about the second installment for the library shelves.  Mr. Stout said the installment would be made when funds become available.  Councilman Stoneberger asked about Bill # 2 on the Paywarrant, BR Communications, if the police did the calibration on the equipment.  Chief Foster said it was for the initial calibration then they would calibrate their own equipment.  Mayor Purdham asked if was anymore questions on the Paywarrant, there was none.  Councilman Rickard motioned for passing the Financial Statement and the Paywarrant and Prepaids totaling $120,458.89, seconded by Councilman Rickard.  Passed unanimously.

                Mr. Pettit noted were no committee reports.

                Mr. Pettit presented the Town Manager’s report.

                Mr. Pettit noted that on Sunday, October 17th, he discovered a problem with well number 6 on Gray Drive.  For some reason, it appeared that several of the wires burned and shorted out most of the main electrical panel.  Burner Well Drilling made most of the repairs on Monday and we are working with the Town Insurance Company to recover some of the loss.

                Mr. Pettit noted that the cost of the election was $1,825.08 and was included in the Paywarrant. .

                Mr. Pettit noted that he had been notified by DEQ that we must begin the process of reporting the monthly Discharge Monitoring Report for the wastewater plant and the Hawksbill Pool online.  He is working with the DEQ to see what type of software we will need.

                Mr. Pettit noted that the trees were purchased with the Virginia Dept. of Forestry Tree Grant should arrive sometime this week.  We will be assisting Jennifer Hammer with planting them at the Ed Good Park and the Hawksbill Recreation Park. 

                Mr. Pettit noted that he, Mayor Purdham, and Councilman Knight attended the Chamber Banquet last Wednesday evening at Big Meadows.

                Mr. Pettit reminded the council of the Stanley Christmas Parade on Friday, December 3rd, at 7 p.m.   The Luray Christmas Parade is Saturday, December 11th at 6 p.m.  The Town Christmas Dinner is on December 15th at 6 p.m. 

                Mr. Pettit noted that he enclosed a copy of the bid forms that he is sending out for the repair of the picnic shelter at the Hawksbill Park. 

                Mr. Pettit presented the Public Works Report.  Mr. Pettit noted they are still receiving bids on the Judy Lane Project.  We will be reviewing the bids at next month’s Council meeting.

                Police Chief Timmy Foster presented the Police report.

                Chief Foster noted that there were about 40 kids who attended the bike rodeo.  Chief Foster noted he considered the event a success and it satisfied Racey Engineering and requirements for the Safe Sidewalks Grant. 

                Chief Foster noted there were no problems on Halloween.  The department also set up a road check.

                Chief Foster asked about locking the gate at Ed Good Park and making the Park closed after dark.  The council discussed the matter.  After the discussion, the Council agreed to make the park closed after dark.  The council asked for a closed after dark sign to be posted.  Councilwoman Graves motioned for the posting of a closed sign and seconded by Councilman Rickard.  Opposed by Councilman Knight.

                Recreation Director Chuck Short gave the Recreation report. 

                Mr. Short noted that he has hung the doors and walls at the bathroom.  He will do the insulation in the spring.  He has ordered waste receptacles that are going to be installed on Monday at the Ed Good Park.

                Mr. Short noted that the trees came in this week and he was unavailable for the placement of the trees.  The placement of the trees will be rescheduled.

                Mr. Short noted that the Corn Toss fundraiser went well.  They had about 40 participants.

                Mr. Short noted the Hawksbill shelter bids have went out.  We plan on opening the bids in December.

                Mr. Short passed out a quote for the pool renovation.  He mentioned that the quote was for 30 days and it included a 5 year and 10 year warranty.  He is waiting to hear back from another company. 

                Mr. Short noted that he will start Boys basketball sign up next week.

                Mr. Pettit presented the New Business.  Mr. Pettit noted that he, Councilman Knight, and Councilman Rickard will be attending a meeting that will discuss property maintenance code.

                Mayor Purdham allowed public comment.

                Mr. Uram spoke about the election.  He said that he was proud to serve in the military service.  He noted that WHSV had only 4 candidates listed and he wasn’t listed.  Mr. Uram addressed about how the locals do there campaigning.  Mr. Uram thanked the Council for letting him speak.

                Mayor Purdham adjourned the meeting at 8:50 p.m. Motioned by Councilwoman Graves and Seconded by Councilman Stoneberger.  Passed Unanimously.


_______________________                                                                           ____________________

Douglas L. Purdham, Mayor                                                                           Leon Stout, Temporary Clerk