September 2011 – Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, September 14, 2011, 7:15 pm.

Public Hearing – Northern Shenandoah Regional Water Supply Plan

Town Manager Terry Pettit called the hearing to order due to the Mayor and Council being delayed at another meeting for the town. Sarah Jordan with DEQ, Mike Uram, Roger Dovel, Bookkeeper Leon Stout, Rebecca Armstrong with Page News and Courier, Clerk Norma Cubbage and a student from PCHS.

The Clerk read the notice as published in the local paper for two consecutive weeks prior to the hearing.

Sarah Jordan with DEQ spoke noting that due to regulations NSVRC is required to have a regional water supply plan submitted to DEQ by November 02, 2011 for their approval. Ms. Jordan noted that all localities in their region need to have a signed resolution to agree to participate in the plan. Ms. Jordan also noted the plan has to be reviewed every 5 years and resubmitted every 10 years. After further discussion Mr. Pettit inquired if there were any other comments or questions.

Mike Uram noted he was concerned with this plan as we can live without a lot of things but water not being one of them. Mr. Uram noted he was also concerned that the Town of Stanley does have an ordinance in place as does the Town of Luray and the Town of Shenandoah. Mr. Uram also noted his concern for damage that may have been done by the earthquake that may have an effect on our water supply. Mr. Uram noted he has some discrepancies in our population totals from the last census. Mr. Uram noted we need to be proactively prepared in our water situation.

Mayor Purdham and the following Council members: Leon Rickard, Martha Graves, Mike Knight, Bruce Stoneberger and Richard Dorraugh arrived at the meeting at 7:28 pm.

Town Manager Terry Pettit noted the Town of Stanley does have a Drought Ordinance Plan in place just as Luray and Shenandoah.

There being no further comments Mayor Purdham adjourned the meeting at 7:40 pm.

Norma Cubbage, Clerk

Regular Meeting

Mayor Purdham called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm. with the following Council members in attendance: Martha Graves, Leon Rickard, Mike Knight, Bruce Stoneberger and Richard Dorraugh. Others present were as follows: Pat Cubbage, Connie Painter, Roger Dovel, Brianna Campbell with the Luray/Page County Chamber of Commerce, Mike Uram, Geraldine Good, PCHS Student, Chief Timmy Foster, Bookkeeper Leon Stout, Rebecca Armstrong with Page News and Courier and Clerk Norma Cubbage.

Mayor Purdham gave the Invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Councilman Rickard.

Mayor Purdham inquired if there were any additions or changes to the agenda as presented. There being none, Motion was made by Martha Graves, seconded by Mike Knight to accept the agenda as presented. Passed Unanimously.

Brianna Campbell with the Luray/Page County Chamber of Commerce was first to address the body with a quarterly report. Ms. Campbell distributed leaflets with information pertaining to Page County’s Tourism figures and their future goals. Ms. Campbell noted the new Visitors Guide came out on Monday. Ms. Campbell noted the Wedding key for Brides was new in the guide this time. Ms. Campbell also noted the Chamber was very excited about working with a firm to promote tourism and also support local businesses on the website. Ms. Campbell noted to assist with this expense they are applying for a matching grant with the VTC. Ms. Campbell noted this was all she had to report but would be glad to answer any questions.

Councilman Stoneberger inquired why the Stanley Fire Department was not listed in the Visitors Guide as being a place to have a wedding reception. Ms. Campbell noted this was on the website.

Ms. Campbell thanked the body and left the meeting at 7:50 pm.

Pat Cubbage was next to address the Council inquiring what is going on with the walking trails at the Ed Good Park. Ms. Cubbage also noted the committee formed to help the Park has dwindled down to about 4 members but have raised money to help buy shrubs, benches or to help on the trail.

Town Manager Terry Pettit noted we were turned down on the Tiger Grant because the trails have to move people from one place to another. Mr. Pettit further noted we will have to work on the trail on our own. Mr. Pettit noted we still plan to build the trail, but it will have to be in sections and as funds become available.

Continued Minutes 09/14/11

Mrs. Cubbage noted they still planned to have fund raisers to help with this venture. Mrs. Cubbage noted they will be working with Pioneer Bank on October 22nd on a fund raiser towards this effort. Mrs. Cubbage noted they have several persons interested in purchasing benches for the park and inquired of the price.

Mr. Pettit noted we had a family come in wanting to place benches at the park in memory of loved ones. Mr. Pettit noted a 6 ft. bench with inscription and set in concrete will cost $1200.00 each. After brief discussion on this issue it was noted all the tables and benches should match.

Mrs. Cubbage inquired about the asphalt to be laid at the park, had Mr. Pettit gotten any prices. Mr. Pettit noted he had gotten one price from Buster Pettit of $6500.00 to pour 300 ft. of asphalt. Geraldine Good noted that Hensil Good Paving will lay the asphalt free of charge as long as the town will pay for asphalt. After some discussion Mrs. Cubbage thank the body and left the meeting at 8:02 pm.

Mayor Purdham inquired if Mr. Pettit had any Old Business to be discussed.

Town Manager Terry Pettit noted another homeowner from Chapel Village that has contacted the office about hooking onto town sewer. Mr. Pettit noted this is the second person that has contacted the town about having septic problems and cannot wait any longer to hook-up to sewer.

Mr. Pettit noted the Judy Lane project had run into a couple of problems but hope to work on the project at least two days a week.

Mr. Pettit inquired if the body had read the agreement between the library and the town. Councilwoman Graves noted that if anything would happen and the Library should close the assets should return to the original owner, the Town of Stanley. Councilwoman Graves also noted any structural changes need to be approved by the Town of Stanley, as well as any new board members must receive final approval from the Town of Stanley.

Motion was made by Leon Rickard, seconded by Bruce Stoneberger to approve the Minutes of the previous month’s meeting as presented in writing. Passed Unanimously.

The Financial Statement was presented.

Councilwoman Graves inquired if the balance in the CIP account reflects the $10,000.00 transfer. Bookkeeper Leon Stout noted the transfer had been made and this total does reflect it. Councilwoman Graves also inquired if the $5100.00 transfer has been made to the CIP Account. Mr. Stout noted the transfer has been made for 2 months. The Financial Statement was approved as presented.
Continued Minutes 09/14/11

The Monthly Paywarrant was presented Councilman Rickard inquired about Bill #14
(Holiday Design) was this to repair Christmas lights or new ones. Leon Stout noted it was
for new lights. Councilman Rickard also inquired about Bill #17A (Louderback’s) what mowers were repaired, Bill #22 (Move On Up Cleaners) where is this cleaners located, Bill #20 (McCarthy) is this a new place where we are getting tires. Mr. Stout noted it was for repairs done on the Woods mower only, the cleaners is located in New Market, which they pick up and deliver and McCarthy’s used to be Duncan Brothers. Councilman Rickard noted couldn’t we get tires locally. Chief Timmy Foster noted we have tried to get them locally and could not get them at this price. Councilman Rickard inquired what is Health Credit that is paid to VRS and did we just start paying this. The Clerk noted we have paid this for many years and it is to help retired employees with the cost of health insurance. Councilman Knight inquired about Bill #23 (Overhead Door Company) does this price cover the installation of the doors. Town Manager Pettit noted this does cover the cost of the doors and installation. Councilwoman Graves inquired about Prepaid Bill #26 (Coca Cola) is this for the office. Bookkeeper Leon Stout noted this bill is for Hawksbill Pool. Motion was made by Martha Graves, seconded by Leon Rickard that the paywarrant totaling $147,401.81 be paid. Passed Unanimously.

Bookkeeper Leon Stout left the meeting at 8:20 pm.

Town Manager Terry Pettit presented the Administrative Report beginning at 8:22 pm
Mr. Pettit noted we survived the earthquake without any major problems to the town’s infrastructure or water line breaks. Mr. Pettit noted Utility Services have checked both water tanks and found them to be safe and having no damage. Mr. Pettit noted there are a few cracks at the Public Works Building on two of the cinderblock walls that have to be repaired.

Mr. Pettit noted we still need to find a person from within the town to serve as Stanley’s EDA representative. Council could not come-up with a name but Mike Uram stated he knew several persons that may consider serving on the EDA Board. Mr. Uram noted he would contact these persons to see if they would be interested in serving.

Police Chief Timmy Foster presented the Police Report noting his department had received a Grant in the amount of $8,745.00 from the National Highway Safety Office.

Chief Foster noted his department received an award for the most improved seat belt usage in the region from the National Highway Safety Office.

Chief Foster noted larceny calls were up in the past month but he was pleased to report arrests were made in all of the calls.

Chief Foster noted the stone for Weldon Painter is finished and will be placing it on the Police Memorial Wall very soon.


Continued Minutes 09/14/11

Recreation Director Chuck Short presented his report beginning at 8:35 pm. Mr. Short
noted the pool had worked out real well this year. Mr. Short noted he had all good responses from persons using the pool. Mr. Short noted the only problem he had found was some caulking needs to be replaced and a few air bubbles on the pool’s bottom. Mr. Short noted they are suppose to come fix these problems in the next several weeks.

Chuck Short noted he did not think the pool sustained any structural damage from the earthquake just some minor problems. Mr. Short noted the deck had dropped very little, and the columns at the large shelter have cracks as well as the epoxy on the bathroom floors have cracked.

Mr. Short noted he had to replace the refrigerator in the cottage at a cost of $359.00. Mr. Short noted the refrigerator was probably 10 years old.

Mr. Short noted he had some concerns on the price of the benches purchased for the ED Good Park being too high. Mr. Short noted we wanted to keep the tables and benches all alike and he was afraid this cost may present a problem. Councilwoman Graves noted maybe we could get the shorter benches to help off-set the cost.

Mr. Short further noted he was having guttering put on the shelter at the Ed Good Park at a cost of $448.00 which is the cheapest price he had found. Councilman Knight noted he would give Chuck the name of someone else who may do the job cheaper.

Mr. Short noted the basketball program for this year may have to be delayed or moved to a different location. Mr. Short noted the gym at the Stanley Elementary School was damaged during the earthquake and they are unsure when it will be repaired.

Mayor Purdham noted it was time for New Business at 8:55 pm.

Town Manager Terry Pettit noted the need to adopt the Regional Water Plan. Motion was made by Leon Rickard, seconded by Bruce Stoneberger to adopt the attached Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional Supply Plan. Passed Unanimously.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made at 9:00 pm. by Bruce Stoneberger, seconded by Mike Knight. Passed Unanimously.

_________________________ ________________________
Douglas L. Purdham, Mayor Norma Cubbage, Clerk


Stanley Volunteer Fire Dept.
Special Meeting
Wednesday, September 21, 2011, 4:00 pm.

Mayor Douglas Purdham called the meeting to order with the following Council members present: Martha Graves, Mike Knight, Bruce Stoneberger and Leon Rickard. Others attending this meeting were as follows: Town Manager Terry Pettit, Amity Mohler from Page County Administrative Office, Vernon Miller, Steve Bowling, Mike Ennor, Brandon Kiracofe with DEQ, Public Works Foreman Ronnie McCoy and Clerk Norma Cubbage.

Motion was made by Martha Graves, seconded by Mike Knight at 4:10 pm that the Town Council convene in a Closed Meeting for the discussion of a prospective industry locating, as authorized by Virginia Code 2.2-37711 Subsection A5.

Motion was made by Martha Graves, seconded by Mike Knight that the Town Council leave the Closed Meeting at 5:30 pm. and return to Open Meeting. Passed Unanimously.

Mayor Purdham states that the Council is now in Open Meeting.

Motion was made by Martha Graves, seconded by Mike Knight to adopt a Resolution to certify the Closed Meeting was held for purposes allowed under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act and that while in the Closed Meeting, only those matters identified in the Motion to hold a Closed Meeting were discussed.

Mike Knight None
Bruce Stoneberger
Leon Rickard
Martha Graves


Motion was made by Mike Knight, seconded by Bruce Stoneberger at 5:35 pm to adjourn this meeting. Passed Unanimously.

_______________________ _____________________
Douglas L. Purdham, Mayor Norma Cubbage, Clerk