Regular Town Council Meeting – May 2013



WEDNESDAY, MAY 15TH, 2013, 7:30 pm.


            Mayor Purdham called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm. with the following Council Members in attendance:  Bruce Stoneberger, Richard Dorraugh, Leon Rickard, Martha Graves and Mike Knight. Others also in attendance were as follows: Joni McCoy and Stephanie Lillard with the Page County EDA, John Robbins with the Luray/Page County Chamber of Commerce, Cathy Marston, Principal at Stanley Elementary School, Dr. Terri Wiitta, Principal at Page County Middle School, Connie Painter, Geraldine Good and Pat Cubbage, members of the Ed Good Walking Trail Committee, Town Manager Terry Pettit, Chief Tim Foster, Town Accountant Leon Stout, PCHS Student, Citizen Mike Uram.


            Mayor Purdham gave the Invocation and Councilman Rickard led the Pledge of Allegiance.


            A revised Agenda was presented and there being no additions or corrections Motion was made by Leon Rickard, seconded by Richard Dorraugh to accept the Agenda as presented. Passed Unanimously.


            John Robbins with Luray/Page County Chamber of Commerce addressed the body thanking Mayor Purdham and Terry Pettit for their participation at the Appalachian Trail kick-off. Mr. Robbins noted Page County is a great outdoor destination for tourists and noted this was a very good event. Mr. Robbins also noted the Chamber was working on scholarships this year (2 for Page County, 2 for Luray) and another Community Yard Sale and Expo. Mr. Robbins noted this was a big success last fall with over a 1,000 vendors and hope it will be again this year. Mr. Robbins noted Business-After-Hours will be Thursday, May16th and hopes to see some of this body there if is not to short of a notice. Mr. Robbins noted over 2300 tourists had visited the Center during the last 3 months. Mr. Robbins thanked the body and left the meeting at 7:35 pm.


            Joni McCoy and Stephanie Lillard members on the EDA board addressed the body next noting they continue to work on the Virginia Enterprise Zone for 2014. Mrs. McCoy noted they had moved up the deadline to June and they have been really busy trying to have everything in order. Mrs. McCoy also noted that 4 Counties time expires and hopefully Page County can get one of these spots. Mrs. McCoy and Mrs. Lillard both noted all they feel being in the Enterprise Zone would be good for the towns in Page County as it has many incentives with little or no liabilities. Mrs. McCoy noted currently there are 475 acres designated in Stanley and a total of 1820.3 acres for Page County for the Enterprise Zone but more can be added. Mrs. McCoy noted they are here for support from the Town of Stanley to proceed to move forward with the project and advise the body of the Public Hearing on this venture will be held Tuesday, May 21st, at Stanley Elementary at 7:00 pm. Motion was made by Leon Rickard, seconded by Martha Graves to support the efforts of the EDA to proceed with seeking membership in the Virginia Enterprise Zone for the Town of Stanley. Passed Unanimously.



Continued Minutes 05/15/13



            Geraldine Good with the Ed Good Walking Trail Committee addressed the body at 7:50 pm. noting they will be having a Car Show, Chinese Auction, 50/50, Cake Wheel and selling food on June 29th, at the Hawksbill Recreation Park on June 29th. Mrs. Good noted Rhonda Fisher will be in charge of the car show for the committee. Mrs. Good inquired if everyone at this meeting would help for an hour it would be greatly appreciated and if anyone had a donation for the Chinese Auction contact her or Rhonda Fisher. Mr. John Robbins noted the Chamber of Commerce would help promote this event. The Committee members thanked the Body and left the meeting at 7:55 pm.


            Cathy Marston, Principal at Stanley Elementary School noted they have raised enough to pave the 1st phase of the track for walking. Mrs. Marston also noted the school will be serving free lunches at the school Monday – Thursday for pre-school through 5th grade aged children beginning June 24th thru August 8th.  Mrs. Marston inquired if the town would help get the word out about the free lunches by putting something on the water bill. Mrs. Marston also thanked the Stanley Police Department and the Resource Officer for all of their help this past school year. Mrs. Marston thanked the body and left the meeting at 8:00 pm.


            Mayor Purdham noted it was time for Old Business.


            Town Manager Pettit noted Racey Engineering is obtaining three quotes for the construction if the Gateway Signs. Mr. Pettit noted they should come in around $4800 per sign.


            Mr. Pettit noted Councilman Mike Knight, as requested by Mr. Pettit, inspected the new roof at the public works building before final payment was issued. Mr. Pettit noted the project was completed as specified and Mr. Knight stated everything looked good. Mr. Pettit noted the need to place metal over the wood portions of the building and guttering on the left side of the building if Council agrees. Council advised Mr. Pettit to proceed with this project.


            Mr. Pettit noted several engineers with the Northern Shenandoah Valley Planning Commission are reviewing the Safe Route to School Grant.  Mr. Pettit noted once this is completed we will move forward.


            Town Manager Pettit noted he had included copies of changes made to the Wellhead Protection Ordinance by the town attorney.  Mr. Pettit also noted we are preparing to advertise the bid on the fence project at Well #4.


            Mr. Pettit then noted the Little League has worked hard on the field at the Stanley Ballpark in order to be able to use it this season. Mr. Pettit also noted had met with Greg Buracker and he has agreed to a 20 year lease and our attorney made the changes and copies of this lease which was included in their packets for review. Mr. Pettit noted Newport Grove Hill




Continued Minutes 05/15/13



Ruritan Club has offered to construct a picnic shelter /bathrooms at the park like the one at the

Ed Good Memorial Park. Mr. Pettit noted they will do the construction work free of charge if the town is able to raise the funds.


            Mr. Pettit also noted we have been given the okay to get three quotes on the installation of the electrical transfer switch to Well #6.


            Minutes of the previous month’s meeting were presented. Councilwoman Graves noted the library allocations should be $30,000 and not $3,000 as presented in the previous month’s minutes. Motion was made by Leon Rickard, seconded by Mike Knight to approve the Minutes as corrected. Passed Unanimously.


            The Financial Statement was presented. Councilwoman Graves inquired if the audit has been paid in full. Town Accountant Leon Stout noted S7500 was still owed on this bill plus almost another additional $20,000 of outstanding bills. The Financial Statement was approved as presented.


             The Monthly Paywarrant was presented. Councilman Stoneberger inquired about Bill #12 (C.W. Fencing) what fence was repaired. Town Accountant Leon Stout along with Terry Pettit noted it was fence damage in Pine Grove ($200) that was done when plowing snow for VDOT this winter and repair to the fence at the Vo-Tech Pump Station. Councilman Knight inquired of Prepaid Bill #20 (J. Rex Burner) what was repaires at the cottage. Mr. Pettit noted the bathroom had plumbing problems and a sewer pipe was stopped up at the cottage. Councilman Knight also inquired if Chuck had been inside the cottage. Mr. Pettit noted it was in good shape.  Mayor Purdham noted the need for a Motion that the Paywarrant totaling $119,996.00 be approved. Motion was made by Leon Rickard, seconded by Richard Dorraugh to approve the same. Passed Unanimously.


            Town Manager Terry Pettit presented the Administrative Report noting the memo from Anderson & Anderson Associates on several projects they are working on for the town. Mr. Pettit further noted he had met with Bill Rolfe and discussed the possibility of starting up the Well Project with the County again.


            Mr. Pettit noted Keith Griffith, Kevin Painter and himself attended the annual VRWC in Roanoke in April. Mr. Pettit noted it was very informative.


            Mr. Pettit also noted VDOT continues to make changes to the regulations when it comes to working on state right-of-way. Mr. Pettit further noted several of our work signs will soon need to be replaced in order to meet their regulations. Mr. Pettit noted all persons working on state maintained roads must be certified in “basic work zone safety”. Mr. Pettit noted there will




Continued Minutes 05/15/13



be an eight hour class held at the fire department social hall on May 22nd    in order to be certified.  Mr. Pettit noted the cost will be $200.00 per person and all employees, even part time need to be certified in order to flag on any state maintained road.


            Mr. Pettit noted Amy Ozeki who is with Page County’s GIS Department is resigning to take a new position in the private sector. Mr. Pettit also noted he has been great to work with and will be missed.


            Mr. Pettit noted the Town of Stanley has a facebook page which has been online about a month and we will keep it updated with public information and events.


            Mr. Pettit noted the Consumer Confidence Report was published in the Page News and Courier this year instead of a copy being mailed to all water customers.


            Mr. Pettit noted a letter from the Virginia Department of Health was included in each packet stating we were in violation last year when lead and copper samples were taken out of the required time period. Mr. Pettit noted the samples were taken the first week of October and all of the samples came back good but because of the time period we must post notification.


            Mr. Pettit noted he has a request from a Relay for Life team for use of the town parking lot to hold a yard sale. Motion was made by Leon Rickard, seconded by Richard Dorraugh to allow the use. Passed Unanimously.  Mr. Pettit noted he had a request from another team for a Season Pass to the Hawksbill Pool. After brief discussion Motion was made by Mike Knight, seconded by Leon Rickard to donate the pass. Passed Unanimously.


            Mr. Pettit reminded the Body of the Memorial Day Parade and Reception in Shenandoah on May 25th.


            Mr. Pettit discussed the Public Works’ Report noting Well #6 went out on Monday, May 13th but the motor is still under warranty and it will be here on Thursday. Mr. Pettit noted Burner Well Drilling stated we would be up and running by the end of the day on Thursday.


            Mr. Pettit noted we have the new digester plans from Pennoni Associates and if Council approves then the next step is to decide when to proceed with this project. Mr. Pettit noted this project will cost approximately $300,000.


            Chief Timmy Foster presented the Police Report noting his department received a $1000.00 Equipment Grant from the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program. Chief Foster also noted the Rural Development Grant has closed and we should receive reimbursement in the amount of $12,000.00 any day.




Continued Minutes 05/15/13



            Chief Foster noted his department will be conducting a Bike rodeo at Stanley Elementary School on May 16th and they will be giving away free helmets and having a Bike Safety Course.  


            Chief Foster noted his department was able to obtain several more items, free of charge for our Public Works’ Department. After discussion on items obtained from Pennsylvania Town Manager Terry Pettit noted the generator that was gotten can’t be converted to power a well or pump station but can be made to power the town office. Councilwoman Graves noted a word of caution that all work, parts or repairs made to these items is not budgeted.


            The Recreation Report was presented with the Town Manager noting the pool was ready to go and the water looked really good.  


            Town Manager Pettit noted we have a Scout Project again this year and he is planning to build a bridge on the walking trail.


            Mr. Pettit noted Pioneer Bank has agreed to sponsor a 5K Race (3.2 miles) with proceeds going to the Ed Good Memorial Walking Trail. The race is scheduled to be held on July 6th starting at the Ed Good Park beginning at 8:00 am. Mr. Pettit noted walkers are also invited to participate in the event and they may also have different age groups if Council gives their approval. The Body approved the race and felt the race should be called the Stanley Homecoming 5K Race.


            Mr. Pettit noted the need for another Budget Meeting before finalizing the 2013-2014 Budget. Wednesday, May 22nd was set for this meeting.


            Mayor Purdham inquired if there was New Business that needs to be discussed.


            Town Manager Terry Pettit noted the possibility of a Veterans’ Memorial at the Ed Good Park.  After brief discussion a committee will be formed to work out the design, cost, location and fund raisers for this project. Mr. Pettit noted he felt Paul Cave and Mike Uram should serve on this committee and hopefully will have something to report to this body in 6-8 months.


            Mr. Pettit noted the Town Section meeting sponsored by VML will be held in Bridgewater, in June and Elaine, Norma and I plan to attend but if anybody else is interested to let him know.


             Mr. Pettit noted the need to adopt the Hazard Mitigation Plan covers hurricanes, tornados, mud slides, floods, fire, snow and etc. Mr. Pettit noted this is required to be in place and this will satisfy FEMA.  Motion was made by Leon Rickard, seconded by Martha Graves to adopt the same.




Continued Minutes 05/15/13



VOTING FOR:                                                         VOTING AGAINST:

 Mike Knight                                                                None       

 Bruce Stoneberger

 Richard Dorraugh

 Martha Graves

 Leon Rickard


                                                                                      MOTION CARRIED.           


            Mayor Purdham noted it was time for Public Comment.


            Citizen Mike Uram thanked the Town for their donation to TRIAD. Mr. Uram also noted he is worried about the cost of water for the town going up. Mr. Uram further noted his concern about the water leaks and thought if posting a list of the leaks, when notified and by whom, in the town office would create accountability. Mr. Uram also noted this would also show the history of the leaks. Mr. Uram also noted the Council needs to be accountable to the people of the town. Mr. Uram thanked the Body for their time.


            Motion was made at 8:55 pm. by Martha Graves that the Town Council Convene in a Closed Meeting for the discussion of Personnel Matters, as authorized by Virginia Code 2.2-311 Subsection A1,seconded by Richard Dorraugh.


            Motion was made at 9:20 by Martha Graves that the Town Council leave the Closed Meeting and return to Open Meeting, Seconded by Mike Knight.


            Mayor Purdham states the Council is now in Open Meeting.


            Motion was made by Martha Graves to Adopt a Resolution to Certify the Closed Meeting; the Meeting was held for the purpose allowed under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act and that while in the Closed Meeting, only those matters identified in the Motion to hold a Closed Meeting were discussed.    


VOTING FOR:                                                             VOTING AGAINST:

 Mike Knight                                                                    None                  

 Bruce Stoneberger

 Richard Dorraugh

 Martha Graves

 Leon Rickard


                                                                                         MOTION CARRIED.




Continued Minutes 05/15/13



            Motion was made by Martha Graves, seconded by Mike Knight to allow Town Manager Terry Pettit to hire a part-time employee for the Public Works’ Department. Passed Unanimously.


            Motion was made by Mike Knight, seconded by Bruce Stoneberger to promote Officer Ryan Dean to the rank of Lieutenant.  Passed Unanimously.


            Motion was made at 9:25 pm. by Mike Knight, seconded by Martha Graves to adjourn this meeting. Passed Unanimously.





________________________                                            ______________________

Douglas L. Purdham, Mayor                                              Norma Cubbage, Clerk