Waste/Sewer Treatment

The Stanley Treatment Facility is located at 1399 Business 340 West and is a 300,000 aerobic plant that uses oxidation ditches. The two 150,000 gallon ditches are aerated by two mechanical rotors in each ditch.

Other structures include two clarifiers, a 26,000 gallon digester, mechanical bar screen, three sand drying beds and a generator for backup power

Disinfection of the wastewater is handled by a ultraviolet lighting system that was just installed in 2002. The system has two channels for high flows or in case one is shut down for maintenance. The UV system is a series of flourescent lights that kill the bacteria as the water passes under. The cost of the system was nearly $100,000.00 but is much more efficient and does not present the hazard problems that chlorine gas did.

Other structures include a storage building and a larger building that contains a lab, shower facilities and a meeting room.

Construction is now underway on a new biosolids belt press that will eliminate one drying bed but greatly reduce the moisture content in the sludge now. This will be a huge cost savings for the Town over the next several years.

The collection system consists of several miles of eight inch gravity sewer line and two, four, six, eight and ten inch force main pipe. There are also six sewer lift stations that pump the sewer towards the wastewater plant. They are located on Aylor Grubbs Avenue, Pond Avenue, Cubbage Road, East Main Street, Slate Road and Middleburg Road. The system serves approximately 962 customers.